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Machining Aluminum Part

I believe that a lot of remote control racing car manufacturers need high precision CNC machining parts because, you know, it is remote control racing cars. Therefore, they choose this custom CNC machining aluminum part made of an aluminum alloy. Today, let’s take a loot at the surface treatment for this custom machining aluminum part together with its supplier – Yijin Hardware.

Product material: blue anodized aluminum alloy

Product introduction: The part to be machined this time is a shaft part which is made of light aluminum alloy and used for a remote control racing car. When installed on the remote control racing car, it is partially exposed, and that is the threaded holes on its side. Therefore, blue anodizing is performed for the part surface for decoration. This shaft part is installed and fixed on the racing car frame, so these threaded holes are reserved for refitting or accessories. The analysis of this part’s drawing and structure shows that it requires both turning and milling during machining, so in consideration of its times of setup, Yijin Hardware has used the CNC turning and milling combination for its manufacturing.

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