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Custom Oxidized Aluminum CNC Turning Components

Today, Yijin Hardware would like to introduce a cnc turning component, that is custom oxidized aluminum cnc turning components, which is a part used in eccentric wheel shafts. This part plays a role as a core part in many places, and the processing of this CNC turning component is very complicated, which require the CNC turned parts manufacturer that processes this core part must have a very professional processing level. Operators and engineers also need to pay a lot of attention to the process.

Product material: Red alumina 7075

Introduction: This time, the parts of eccentric wheel shaft parts are processed. In the mechanical transmission, the rotary motion is changed into a reciprocating linear motion or a reciprocating linear motion is turned into a rotary motion. The inner holes at both ends of the eccentric shaft are used to install bearings, which require a high accuracy and concentricity.

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