Custom Non-Standard Clamping Screws

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Product introduction:

This is a custom non-standard cross recessed clamping screw provided by the non-standard clamping screw factory of Yijin Hardware, a top clamping screw supplier. There is a cross recess on the top of this clamping screw and straight knurls on its rod for self-tapping. Clamping screws are mainly used for the two-time machining machines to spare machining with a lathe. For example, the recess can be made for a screw by extrusion forming with an opening&clamping heading machine. Dedicated to manufacturing non-standard clamping screws for 20 years, Yijin Hardware is capable of extending clamping screws in an unlimited way. If you have failed to get the screws with a length meeting your design requirements on the market, contact Yinjin Hardware. Presently, Yijin Hardware has manufactured screws with a length of up to 2,500 mm for photovoltaic equipment by using its mold clamping equipment.




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Purpose of non-standard clamping screws:

Clamping screws are all non-standard with wide application in various industries such as furniture, photovoltaic, automobile, and communication. Clamping screws are used to fix some parts to an unmovable part to achieve firm an in-place fixation. For example, some clamping screws are used to fix a drill or other tools to a simple chuck.

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What is a Clamp Screw?

The clamp screw is an adjustable closing device composed of a threaded rod and a wider head. When removed from a fixture assembly, many clamp screws present appearances similar to plain bolts. The clamp screw is usually tightened manually for fine adjustment of the tension of the clamp. The clamp’s opening size gradually decreases as the screws are further tightened in place.

The screw clamp is often used to fix a part in place or regulate the flow with a hose. When a drill is used, the clamp screw’s base will leave an indentation on the surface that it is applied to. Both the clamp and the gasket are usually placed between a clamp screw’s base and any vulnerable surface, to avoid direct contact. The protective hardware can be permanently welded at the end of a clamp screw or slid in place simply before use. The small rubber gasket can increase traction and provides buffering against the pressure from the clamp screw.

Over-tightening of the clamp screw possibly damages the pipe clamp or anything it is used to fix, even though both the gasket and washer are in proper positions. The hose clamp screw squeezes the flexible hose to limit the flowing of liquids or gases. When the screw base presses downward, the size of the hose’s internal passage will reduce. Proper use of the screw clamp can effectively reduce or stop the fluid flow from the hose, without leakage due to hose damage. A fixed screw clamp may lead to extremely large pressure on the hose segment before it. In automobile applications, the clamp screws need to be fixed occasionally because of skewing looseness caused by engine vibration, just like some threaded fasteners loosening due to long-term wobbling.

Directly applying adhesive to the clamp screw’s threads allows it to last longer at its position for fixture connection, but the clamp screw fixed permanently by adhesive causes the clamp to lose its adjustability and is difficult to remove without damage. During use, the needle clamp screw is often used to fix the sewing machine needle to a proper position, by hand or with a small screwdriver. Over-tightening of the clamp may cause the sewing needle to bend and be unable to be used in future projects. The clamping screw can have various head styles like hex head, cross recess and hexagon socket, depending on the customer’s design requirements. Yijin Hardware has a team of engineers with the ability of independent mold development, so molds can be designed independently for any custom clamping screw. I believe that Yijin Hardware is a trustworthy expert just by your side to provide you with the best fastener solutions.





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