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Custom Non-Standard Clamping Screws

Product introduction:

This is a custom non-standard cross recessed clamping screw provided by the non-standard clamping screw factory of Yijin Hardware, a top clamping screw supplier. There is a cross recess on the top of this clamping screw and straight knurls on its rod for self-tapping. Clamping screws are mainly used for the two-time machining machines to spare machining with a lathe. For example, the recess can be made for a screw by extrusion forming with a opening&clamping heading machine. Dedicated to manufacturing non-standard clamping screws for 20 years, Yijin Hardware is capable of extending clamping screws in an unlimited way. If you have failed to get the screws with a length meeting your design requirements on the market, contact Yinjin Hardware. Presently, Yijin Hardware has manufactured screws with a length up to 2,500 mm for photovoltaic equipment by using its mould clamping equipment.

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