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Custom DIN931 Hex Screws

Product introduction: The DIN931 hex bolt is also called DIN9331 outer hex bolt and it conforms to the international standard ISO4014. Yijin Hardware is a factory dedicated to the manufacturing of DIN931 hex screws, and also a custom hex screw supplier. The DIN931 hex bolt is a fastener composed of a hex head and a rod with male threads and usually used together with a nut for fastened connection between two parts with through holes. The DIN931 hex bolts are half threaded, which means that the rod is partially threaded, and divided into class A and class B. The outer hex bolts must has the logo of its manufacturer and its property class, preferably in concave or convex form on the head top surface, or in concave form on the head side surface. The outer hex bolts of all property classes must be marked. For stainless steel outer hex bolts, the steel groups should be included. For example, a stainless steel outer hex bolt is marked with A2-70 or A4-70 in in convex form on its head top surface.

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