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Custom Connecting Studs,furniture stud

Product introduction: Also know as a furniture stud, this custom connecting stud is a type of precision fastener manufactured by Yijin Hardware – a precision fastener manufacturer – for a well-known British branded furniture manufacturer. This custom connecting stud has different threads on its ends, machine-tapping thread on one end and self-tapping thread on the other. This screw is made of Q235 and color zinc electroplating is performed for its surface treatment. As a precision fastener manufacturer and a custom nut and screw supplier, Yijin Hardware covers the whole process from raw material wiredrawing to cold heading, from nut and screw production to thermal treatment, including subsequent electroplating for surface treatment. With its capabilities, Yijin Hardware has always been leading the industry as a precision fastener factory and quality custom screw machining service provider.

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