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Custom CNC Turning Bronze Parts

Product material: bronze

Product introduction: This part is a bronze bushing on the crusher for fixed connection together with a crusher to the crusher to bear the drive shaft. As a high precision part on the equipment and with a precision grade of IT6, this part requires CNC turning. Because of long time friction, moving parts must be replaced when the gap between the shaft and the hole has been worn to a certain content. Therefore, during design, the designer uses a material with low hardness and good abrasion resistance for the shaft sleeve or lining to reduce shaft and seat abrasion. The shaft sleeve or lining is replaced when being worn to a certain content, which can save the cost of shaft or seat replacement. Generally, interference fit is used for the shaft sleeve and lining, and clearance fit is used for the shaft. Abrasion is inevitable no matter how, but the service life can be prolonged, and shaft parts are easier to machine relatively.

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