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Custom CNC Lathe Machine Parts

Product introduction:

Yijin hardware precision CNC turning processing tattoo machine shell. Parts are made of hard aluminum tube 6061-T6. The surface treatment is anodized in silver, red, pink, black and graphite.

Advantages of CNC turning processing in hard aluminum tube 6061-T6

First of all, the shell of the tattoo machine are tube parts products, apply aluminum alloy tube cutting is conducive to control the weight of tattoo machine products, on the other hand, the use of tube can greatly reduce the cutting amount of parts and processing costs, but also improve production efficiency. Our anodic oxidation requires the workpiece to have good electrical conductivity and less impurity content. 6061 is a low alloy aluminum with much less impurity content than cast aluminum, so this kind of aluminum has good ductility and high conductivity, which is a good choice for anodic oxidation and chemical polishing. The so-called T6 treatment is a heat treatment, rolling, solution treatment and aging treatment is its main process. These steps are to make the internal metallographic changes in aluminum alloy, up to the aim of high intension and non-deformation in a long time.

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