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Maybe you don’t know how good a custom precision brass parts supplier that has been acknowledged by both its peers and its customers is at manufacturing custom CNC turning gold plated brass parts. With its outstanding custom CNC turning capabilities and professional custom CNC turning services, Yijin Hardware has been acknowledged and supported by its customers all over the world.

The custom CNC turning brass part with gold plated that I am going to introduce today is also quite classic. Let’s take a look!

Product material: gold-plated brass

Product dimensions: Φ6.5*17

Product introduction: This precision part machining is for a product called Pogo Pin which is a spring probe formed by pre-riveting the three basic components of pin shaft, spring, and pin tube with precision instruments. Except for the internal spring, all parts are made by precision CNC turning.


Basic Knowledge of Pogo Pins

1. What is a pogo pin?

The pogo pin is a precision connector used in electronics, with wide application in semi-conductor equipment, playing the role of connection.

Usually, the pogo pin is gold plated for better corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and electrical properties. It is cheap but widely used.

2. Application of the pogo pin

In recent years, pogo pin manufacturers have been rising because of its wide application and large demand. First, the pogo pin is small but widely used in aviation, aerospace, and electronics.

Second, it has wide application in the fields in close relation to us, such as automobile and vehicle navigation. Besides, it plays a role in medical devices, wireless equipment and data communication equipment.

3. Type of the pogo pin

  • Compression spring: It has the widest application in various fields, with several end shapes like ring ends and ground ends.
  • Extension spring: all rings are winded close to each other for a spiral or pitched coil which extends outwards and retains contractility toward the center when subjected to an external force.

Features of Pogo Pins

1. Stable contact resistance

Pogo pins are mostly used for smart devices and other intelligent terminals and thus require stable current signals and resistances for stable device performance.

2. Operating frequency and duration

Multiple times of plugging in and out are required during operation for the pogo pin, which has very strict requirements for its operating frequency. The service life of the pogo pin can be up to 50,000 times.

3. Small size, high density and lightweight

As modern technologies develop, smart devices are getting smaller and smaller with more and more functions and more various appearances, which have very high requirements for both the volume and accuracy of the pogo pin.

4. Easy to update

As technologies develop, when the pogo pin is quipped, the components can be updated by replacement with new and better components.

5. Waterproof and dampproof

Water resistance is taken as a selling point for a lot of electronic devices nowadays, but the pogo pin does have this feature. As it develops, the pogo pin will have better and better water and damp resistance.

6. Mechanical property

At the pogo pin’s operating point, the positive force is above 60g, and the retaining force is stabilized at 0.5kgf/pin5.3. Besides, the pogo pin features good vibration resistance of power down<1μs and contact resistance<100mOhm for 15 minutes at a frequency of 10~500HZ with an amplitude of 1.2mm.

Purpose and application scope of the pogo pin: When the pogo pin is mentioned in the hardware and electronics industries, you must feel strange. In fact, it is everywhere, with applications in a lot of fields. This great demand has given rise to a lot of pogo pin manufacturers.

The pogo pin not only improves our living quality but also makes our lives more convenient. Today, Yijin Hardware has summarized some basic knowledge about the pogo pin. Let’s take a look.

Steps of CNC Turning for the Pogo Pin

1. Be familiar with the machining equipment and the hardware drawing.

In order to manufacture the required pogo pin, read the hardware drawing carefully and be familiar with the shape and dimensions of the pogo pin to be machined. In addition, be familiar with the CNC turning production equipment.

2. Carry out rough shape cutting based on the hardware part to be machined.

Also known as blanking, rough shape cutting refers to choosing the raw hardware material with proper specifications based on the dimensions and machining processes of the hardware to be machined.

3. Machine the pogo pin.

Machining the pogo pin refers to putting the blanked material into the CNC lathe to perform CNC turning based on the dimensions of the pogo pin.

4. Conduct surface treatment for the hardware.

The surface treatment refers to conducting treatments like polishing or electroplating for the surfaces of the machined pogo pin.

Now how do you feel about the surface treatment for the above CNC turning gold-plated brass part? If you have demands, please contact us.

With many years of CNC manufacturing service experience and precision machining technologies, Yijin Hardware ensures to provide you with the custom brass part that you desire in your heart.


Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Carbon Steel, Titanium alloy, Iron, Carbon Fiber, Plastic, Ceramic, Bamboo, Wood, Acrylic Etc.

Precision: The accuracy requirement is ± 0.002mm, and the Surface Roughness is Ra0.8-3.2 μm.

Processing: CNC lathe, CNC milling and turning, grinding, bending, stamping, casting, etc.

Surface Treatment: Oxidation, hard Anodizing, Zinc-plated, nickel-plated, chrome-plated, silver-plated, gold-plated, etc.


Application: Electronics, Communication, Auto parts, furniture, Aerospace, Navigation, Health Care, Infrastructure, etc.

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