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CNC Metal Machining Flanged Shaft

The application of the flanged shaft parts is very wide, today, YIJIN Hardware would like to introduce you a custom cnc metal machining flaged shaft which is apply in the ship. According to the drawings, the CNC machined product has Complex internal structure and processing procedures, and due to the influence of product material, which greatly increases the difficulty of machining the CNC metal machining Flanged shaft by the manufacturer.

Product Materials: 42CrMo4V

Product Introduction: The parts of this processing are used in the ship’s drive shaft, are called flange shaft parts, which is an important adapter between shaft and shaft. The shaft part of the parts is also designed with a through keyway, which is used to adjust and fix the distance between the shafts. For milling and turning parts of flanged shaft parts, which are more suitable to use CNC turning milling compound machine tool for processing. Manganese steel is a kind of high strength steel, mainly used to withstand impact, extrusion, material wear and other harsh working conditions, and its damage form is mainly wear consumption, part of fracture, deformation.

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