CNC Machined Stainless Steel Aircraft Components

What does a stainless steel aircraft component feature? Light weight, high strength, and high rusting resistance and high corrosion resistance. Achieving these is a test for a CNC machining parts manufacturer for its experience, because besides the three points above, the accuracy of this stainless steel aircraft component should be considered.

Product material: stainless steel

Product introduction: Today we are going to introduce two stainless steel parts manufactured by the combination of turning and milling. Both used for an aviation aircraft, they have similar shapes and the same functions. Called a stopcock core, each of them is one of the key part for a valve, and what they are called shows that they are both moveable parts. There are four circular recesses and one through hole on the circular periphery of each part, the former used for installation of the O-shaped ring and the latter used as a channel for liquid flowing. After the stopcock core revolves around the axis for 90°clockwise, liquid can flow through the through hole. On the contrary, after the stopcock core revolves around the axis for 90°anticlockwise, the valve is in sealing state.


Valve Accessory Types:

A valve itself is composed of the valve body and various operating mechanisms which include a lot of parts and accessories, with different operating modes like manual mode, pneumatic mode and electric mode. Different operating modes require different components assembled.

The valve accessories mainly are

1.Pneumatic actuator: it features single action or double action, the former in spring return structure and the latter using pneumatic on-off principles. Normally, the double-action pneumatic actuator is selected for the regulation type.

2.Electric actuator: Its common types are straight travel, angular travel, compact type and explosion proof type. Despite a more complicated structure and a higher cost, the electric actuator has stable performances and rapid on/off switch, suitable for the long-distance control system.

3.Hydraulic actuator: As a device converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, it has two types: line type and rotation type. With a more complicated structure and a higher cost, it is a product used for special working conditions with high requirements, not in common use.

4.Pneumatic hydraulic linkage actuator: It drives the pipeline valve to open and close by actuating natural gas or nitrogen in the pipeline as power and hydraulic oil as the transmission medium, and mainly used as a actuating device for natural gas, liquefied gas, nitrogen, gas and fluid containers, and gas.

5.Electric hydraulic linkage actuator: It is composed of two parts: the control module and the power module. The intelligent controllable motor receives function commands from the control module to control the power module to output large moments with linear or angular displacements for pneumatic control over the object. It also uses its own displacement feedback to complete the regulation process and achieve various function control.

6.Manual actuator: It is for manual control in the case of unstable current of insufficient air pressure. When there is a special situation where control, installation or maintenance is not possible and no current or air pressure, Starting the the manual actuator allows rapid manual control.

Constituting accessories of the valve

Handle, hand wheel, worm wheel, valve body, valve element, valve rod, valve deck, valve silencer, blank, bolt, nut, clamp, spring, membrane, padding, packing, O-shaped ring, teflon product gasket, flange, nonstandard fastener.

Positioners and accessories

Pneumatic valve positioner, electropneumatic valve positioner, intelligent valve positioner, electro-hydraulic server, servo amplifier, electrical/pneumatic convertor, filtering relief valve, valve position transmitter, position holding valve, electromagnetic valve, limit switch, pneumatic amplifier, intelligent module, electro-hydraulic server, servo amplifier, alarm apparatus, anti-explosion coil, and quick exhaust valve.

Other valve accessories

Valve tester, handle, hand wheel, worm wheel, valve body, valve element, valve rod, valve deck, valve silencer, signal generator, blank mould, bolt, nut, clamp, spring, membrane, padding, packing, O-shaped ring, flowmeter, teflon product gasket, flange, elbow, quick coupling, expansion piece, flowmeter, filter, nonstandard fastener.

Once one of our customers, a racing car manufacturer, asked Yijin Hardware the custom CNC machining parts in which industry are the most difficult to manufacture. In fact, for custom CNC machining, there is always something more difficult, depending on the specific situation. Yijin Hardware is a CNC machining parts manufacturer always going against difficulties. We never say no to any customers for the components that we have never machined before, and we always try to make it perfect.


We are able to offer the same much better when compared to other professionals. The lists of various CNC machine parts that are made in the factories of Yijin Hardware are quite big and we are only talking about the major ones. We hope it will be able to give our readers a reasonably good insight into our capabilities when it comes to making world standard and quality CNC machine parts at competitive rates and supplying them across many countries and continents. Here is a list of the major CNC machine spares that are manufactured by us:

You can trust us for a range of milling machine spares including NC table, vertical and horizontal cradles, NC indexing head, veering 90 degree B axis and tables that also cover 45 degree B axis. We also are experts in making the best of A- axis as well as twin axis NC Spindle amongst other such spare parts for milling machines.

CNC Turning parts – We are also considered one of the best suppliers of different types of CNC Turning Parts. We stand tall when compared to many others for a few obvious reasons. Our CNC turning parts are known for their high stable processing quality and also processing accuracy. It also allows performance of multi-coordinate linkage. It allows to process parts that have complex shapes.

We also provide the right NC programs when processing parts are changed. This helps in preparation time for production and improves productivity and efficiency.

Our turning parts are made using the most sophisticated and reliable automation methods. Our focus and objective is to reduce labor intensity as much as possible without compromising on quality under any circumstances.

Metal Stamping Parts – Those who know Yijin Hardware would be aware of the fact that we offer the best quality, high speed and high precision stamping equipment. We have a wide range of customers who are regularly procuring these high quality metal stamping parts. The list includes some big names like China Electric Power, ABB, Schneider, Higer, Leelen, Jungheinrich, Dnake, etc. This is possible because apart from having the best manufacturing capacity and the right machineries, we are also ably supported by a qualified and experienced technical team, who know everything about metal stamping parts.

We also would like to point out here that we have been able to get rewarded with the coveted ISO9001 QSC in the year 2008. This again is a big testimony to the fact that Yijin Hardware has some of the best testing facilities, equipment and other such facilities to cater to tough standards expected from our customers across the world.

We also have a full fledged electroplating plant. This helps in offering high quality and high end plating and other related services. Our electroplating services cover fog nickel, chemical nickel, zinc-nickel, electrolytic nickel, etc. We score over others because of the excellent quality of our workforce who are talented and are also backed up years of experience and expertise in almost all types of electroplating services that are a part of CNC machines and other allied field. We have the wherewithal and capacity to counsel, advice, and recommend and suggest various electroplating solutions keeping in mind specific needs and requirements.

Our Production Capacity

We also have the required production capacity to handle various requirements across the world. This is because our factory has different sections to handle various types of CNC machining partsthat are demanded by our customers. Let us briefly list down the various facilities that we have for catering to the ever-growing demand of our customers.

Our full fledged workshop is spread over a wide area. It is capable of handling various types of processes. They include taking care of Suzhou Sanguang Wire Machine, hand grinding machine, surface polishing machine, high speed punching machine, electric punching machine, etc. We have the right capacity to cater to the increasing needs of our clients.

Yijin Hardware also has a modern machining workshop with a good capacity for machining various types of machines including boring, drilling, milling, cutting and tapping units. We make use of modern dual axis, three axis and single axis machining techniques. We can handle the minutest machining needs of our clients up to +/- 0.001 mm.

As mentioned earlier above, our electroplating factory is huge and is perhaps one of the biggest in the country. We have incorporated the most modern technology that takes care of various types of electroplating including silver plating, nickel plating, gold plating and palladium plating. We also can offer the best of thick gold treatment, apart from high quality heavy metal treatment.

Further, we also have the best as far as quality testing processes and procedures are concerned. We have a wide range of quality testing equipment that is known for their accuracy and top class precision. Our quality lab can handle large volumes without compromising on the quality of testing under any circumstances.

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