Aluminum Oxidation Self Sealing Gasket

Today Yijin Hardware is going to introduce a hex sealing end cap which is a red aluminum oxidation alloy part manufactured by the turning and milling combination. With excellent sealing properties, this custom CNC machining part is not very difficult to machine for a CNC machine parts manufacturer.

Product material: red aluminum oxidation alloy

Product introduction: This is a product called hex sealing end cap and also called cap nut which is manufactured by the turning and milling combination. The sealing end cap is used for a motor shaft for sealing.


The hex sealing end cap has two types: self-sealing and applied sealing, both of which are manufactured by the CNC turning and milling combination. The so-called self-sealing hex end cap means that the end cap itself is made into a device with sealing properties, such as the end cap with a dust cap or a sealing ring.It features small occupation space, easy installation and uninstallation, and a low cost.

The end cap with applied sealing means that a sealing unit with various properties is made inside the installation end cap. It is divided into two types: contact seal and non-contact seal

1.Non-Contact Seal
The non-contact seal means that the sealing part does not contact the component in relative movement with it and there is a proper gap. Almost no friction heat is generated from this type of sealing during operation, so there is no abrasion and it is especially suitable for high-speed and high-temperature occasions. With various structural forms like gap type, maze type and gasket type, non-contact seal is used for different occasions. It is better to keep the non-contact seal gap as small as possible.

2.Contact Seal
The non-contact seal means that the sealing part is in contact with the component in relative movement with it and there is no gap. Because of direct contact between the sealing part and the mating component, a large amount of friction leads to a large amount of heat during operation and further leads to poor lubrication and causes the contact surface to wear, so the sealing effects and performances decrease. Therefore, it is only suitable for the working conditions with low and medium speeds. With various structural forms like felt seal and cup seal, contact seal is used for different occasions. In engineering design, usually various sealing types are used comprehensively based on the sealing requirements for bearing operation conditions and the working environment, so as to achieve better sealing effects.

Functions and Application Scope of the Cap Nut

1. The cap nut, in coordination with a hexagon slotted nut and a cotter as well as a screw rod and a eye bolt, is used for the occasion with vibrations and alternating loads to prevent the nut from loosening and coming off.

2.The cap nut with an insert whose internal threads are made by tightening the nut can function with looseness prevention and better elasticity.

3.With the same purpose as the hex nut, the cap nut has the feature of preventing its main nut from skidding during installation or uninstallation when the main nut is clutched by a spanner. However, only an adjustable spanner, an open-end wrench, a combination spanner (the opening part) or a special square hole socket spanner can be used for installation or uninstallation.

4.The cap nut can be used in an occasion where the threads at the end of a bolt need to be covered.

5.The cap nuts can be used for tooling. Mainly applicable to the tyres and front and rear shafts of cars, tricycles and electrocars, the cap nuts play an role of fixing tyres on all sides. The cap nuts can also be used to fix the road lamp support pedestals which are often exposed to sunlight and rainwater as well as in some mechanical equipment.

6.Used together with a hex nut, the cap nut functions to lock it with good effects. A weld nut is welded to the hole on a steel sheet on one side, and connects a bolt on the other.

7.Cap nuts are applicable to high-strength fasteners, fasteners for machinery, fasteners for furniture, automobile fasteners, irregular turning parts, irregular cold heading fasteners, double-end foot margin U-shaped wires, fasteners for construction and decoration, and other types of fasteners. They can also be used for foundation works, automobile and motorcycle accessories, light industry, machinery, furniture, hardware tools, as well as construction and decoration.

8.Normally, cap nuts are treated for their surfaces, including zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating and Dacromet plating, to prevent rusting and prolong the service lives of fasteners. Among these surface treatment processes, chrome plating is the bets. The chrome plated product has not only bright and smooth surfaces but also a longer duration of rust and corrosion resistance, almost as good as stainless steel. Maybe you don’t have a clear understanding because you have not seen a cap nut. As its name suggests, it is a nut with a cap whose purpose is actually preventing water from getting inside so as for the function of preventing the nut from rusting. When having a chance, you can take a look at the tyre of a car, a tricycle or an electrocar, or the road lamp support, and you can see the nut caps. Careful observation can lead to a discovery of tiny things in life.

Because of small occupation space, easy installation and uninstallation, and a low cost, this aluminum oxidation self sealing gasket has an extremely wide application range, usually with a fastener. After surface treatment, this aluminum oxidation self sealing gasket has more beautiful surfaces as well as more powerful properties like rusting resistance and corrosion resistance. As a fastener, it is a very powerful and user-friendly hex sealing end cap.


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