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6061 T6 Aluminum, CNC Machining Parts Supplier – Yijin Hardware

Compared to traditional separate turning or separate milling, the turning and milling combination features more flexible machining of parts. However, because of the combination and extremely complex structures of the parts to be machined, the requirement for operators and engineers to be concentrated is greatly raised. A powerful CNC machining parts supplier usually requires its engineers to have top level CNC machining experience.

Product material: aluminum 6061-T6

Product introduction: This CNC machining part is a precision part used for the packing equipment. With a symmetric appearance, this part has four holes distributed evenly on its sides for dowel installation, so that it is fixed to the packing equipment without rotation. This part has a circular array torx sunken platform which is used for inlaid installation of the torx shaft part of the packing equipment to achieve high precision fitting. The analysis based on this part’s structure shows that it requires both turning and milling. For such parts, we use so called turning and milling combination.

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