How CNC Milled Black Anodized Aluminum 6061 Component?

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For aluminum 6061 research, Yijin Hardware has always been a leader in the CNC machining industry. While other China metal parts manufacturers are still studying how to use aluminum 6061, Yijin Hardware is studying how to make more distinctive aluminum 6061 strength parts through its unique properties.

Today, we are going to show you a case study of an Aluminum 6061 component which is a gripper.

Product introduction of aluminum 6061 component:

Products Name: Gripper

Product purpose: It’s used for clamping

Material: Aluminum 6061

Specification: 19×22.5×13.5

Surface treatment: Black anodized

Main Application of Aluminum

According to the composition and production process characteristics of aluminum alloy, it is usually divided into two categories that are deformation and casting aluminum alloy.

The main industrial applications are aluminum-manganese, aluminum-magnesium, aluminum-magnesium-copper, aluminum-magnesium-silicon copper, aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper, and other alloys. Deformed aluminum also can call cooked aluminum alloy. According to its composition, performance characteristics can be divided into five types, such as anti-rust aluminum, hard aluminum,super-hard aluminum, forged aluminum, special aluminum, etc. Each type has its own usable range and code for users to choose from.


Aluminum alloy is made of pure aluminum with some other alloying elements, such as aluminum-manganese alloy, aluminum-copper alloy, aluminum-copper-magnesium series duralumin, and aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper super-duralumin. Aluminum alloy has better physical and mechanical properties than pure aluminum. It is easy to process, has high durability, has a wide range of applications, has good decorative, rich design, and has color.

Aluminum alloy material is light and easy to process, and there is a maximum stress range in terms of endurance strength, unlike carbon fibers. In other words, Carbon fiber because of the characteristics of the fiber so in a certain fiber direction the force ability is very strong, but the force is going to be very bad in the other direction.

Will be used several layers of carbon fibers when making a larger component, once the force is exceeded, the component will become layered like a shortcake. However, when the aluminum alloy is subjected to a certain force, it will be deformed slowly and then damaged.

And because aluminum alloy is a frequent customer of CNC machining, aluminum alloy not only has aluminum 6061, but also many aluminum alloys with different chemical compositions, such as 6063, etc., and based on alloy 6061, there are many alloys such as 6061 t5, etc. Among these different aluminum alloys, their performance is very distinctive.

Compared with 6061 aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy 6063, alloy 6061 is stronger than 6063 in strength and machining performance, but alloy 6061 and Alloy 6063 have good antioxidant capacity. In terms of plasticity, 6063 is relatively much better than 6061 aluminum alloy. In terms of toughness, 6063 has higher toughness, better weldability, and corrosion resistance, and is a very comprehensive high-quality aluminum alloy material.

Therefore, if the aluminum 6061 price per kg is compared with that of 6063, the price of 6061 aluminum will be much cheaper than that of 6063, which is why most CNC-milled manufacturers choose 6061 aluminum alloy to manufacture CNC machining parts because 6061 is relatively Compared with the 6063, it has more advantages.

As mentioned above, because alloy 6061 is stronger than 6063 in terms of strength and cutting performance, CNC-milled manufacturers will make it easier to process CNC-machined aluminum parts than users want when processing 6061 aluminum alloy components. Thereby saving more costs for your China CNC machined aluminum parts

Aluminum 6061 component processing Technic

Tool Quantity: 8 tools

The Types of Tool: φ12 coarse leather knife for aluminum, φ6 butt mill, φ1.5 butt mill, R3 ball cutter, φ6.4 drill, φ3.5 drill, 90°φ3 chamfer tool, 70°flat cutter

Rough machining aluminum 6061 component surface use ∅12 coarse leather knives;

Finish machining shape 14mmx17.5mm use ∅6 butt mil;

Finish machining 30°bevel use R3 ball cutter;

Finish machining 90°countersunk using ∅6.4 dills and ∅3.5 drills;

Finish machining 70°bevel and the adjacent plane using 70° flat cutter;

Due to the aluminum 6061 component have a little small, consider this Aluminum 6061 component is not enough to clamp processing in the second tooling processing. Therefore, Yijin Hardware choose the first machining of this position under the premise of ensuring the precision of the aluminum fabrication parts

The reason is to use aluminum 6061 components that have been processed as one of the conditions of the countersunk hole. Secondly, we will make special fixtures for the parts, so as to ensure the stability of the clamping aluminum 6061 component to avoid excessive clamping force resulting in deformation of the aluminum 6061 component and surface indentation. Meanwhile, it also greatly reduces the repeated positioning error caused by the product re-tooling.

Use ∅6 butt mill to control the CNC milled aluminum 6061 component height to 8.4mm.

Use a coarse leather knife,∅6 butt mill, and ∅1.5 butt mill to finish aluminum 6061 component height to 5.3mm and groove of 2mm×0.5, and then use 90°∅3 chamfer tool to chamfer, CNC milled aluminum 6061 component finished processing. Finally, make an anodized surface treatment.

Because this CNC-milled 6061 aluminum part is very small, the internal structure is relatively complex, and it requires secondary clamping, it is difficult for CNC-milled manufacturers to process it. The experience of the processing engineer of the milled aluminum components also tests the precision of the CNC milling machine.

After the secondary clamping processing of the milled aluminum parts is completed, the anodizing treatment of the CNC milled aluminum parts is relatively easy. The CNC-milled 6061 aluminum parts are still too simple for Yijin Hardware. When we process them, the engineers are very relaxed.

Please Refer to the Finished Parts As Below:

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