What You Should Kown About Spiral Groove in CNC Milling

What is a Cylindrical Spiral?

When a moving point moves at an equal velocity along a straight bus on the cylinder, which in turn rotates at an equal angular velocity around the axis of the cylinder, the trajectory of the moving point on the cylinder is called a cylindrical helix.

What’s the Relationship Between CNC Milling Machine and CNC Milling Spiral Groove?

In the CNC milling machine, the CNC milling spiral groove must make the workpiece for constant rotation, at the same time for uniform motion in a straight line.
The relationship between them is that when the workpiece is rotated at a constant speed, the worktable must drive the workpiece while moving one lead at a constant speed in a straight line. If it is a CNC milling multi-head spiral groove, the dividing head should be divided according to the number of spiral groove heads.

How to Determine the Size and Direction of the Rotation Angle of the Worktable?

In a universal horizontal CNC milling machine with a disc CNC milling cutter CNC milling spiral groove, in order to make the direction of the spiral groove and tool rotation plane consistent, must be universal CNC milling machine longitudinal table in the horizontal plane turn an Angle.

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Where Should the Driving Wheel and Driven Wheel be Hung When CNC Milling the Spiral Groove?

when CNC milling the spiral groove, the hanging wheel is driven by the rotary movement of the longitudinal feed screw of the table. Therefore, one of the driving wheels of the hanging wheel should be hung on the longitudinal feed screw of the table, and a driven wheel should be hung on the side shaft of the indexing head. Other driving wheels, driven wheels, and intermediate wheels should be correctly mounted through the pulley rack according to the corresponding relationship.

In CNC Milling right spiral groove, the selection of the middle wheel should make the rotation direction of the workpiece and the table right-handed screw rotation direction consistent; in CNC Milling left spiral groove, the selection of the middle wheel should make the workpiece rotation direction and table right-handed screw rotation direction opposite.

Does the CNC Milling Table Need to Turn a Spiral Angle in the Horizontal Plane?

Because the spiral groove is a curved surface, and the two sides of the rotating three-edge CNC milling cutter are plane, so with a three edges CNC milling cutter CNC milling rectangular spiral groove, CNC milling will occur interference, so that CNC milling out the groove change shape. When CNC milling with end mills, the above phenomenon will not occur. Therefore, rectangular spiral grooves CNC milling uses end mills, not three-edge CNC milling cutters.

With the end CNC milling cutter CNC milling spiral groove, the table in the horizontal plane does not need to turn a spiral Angle.

What Should be Paid Attention to When CNC Milling Spiral Grooves?

The following points should be paid attention to when CNC milling spiral groove:

  1. The positioning pin of the CNC milling time degree handle should be inserted into the hole plate, and the locking handle of the spindle of the degree head and the fastening screw of the index plate should be loosened at this time.
  2. When CNC mills a multi-head spiral groove, the table should drop a little distance when cutting back, otherwise the CNC milling cutter will scratch the machined surface.
  3. The positioning key of the dividing head should be installed in the middle of the CNC milling machine table t-shaped slot, so that the tool is in the center, and then rotate the Angle of the table, the center will not change.
  4. In order to make the shape of the spiral groove CNC milling out correct, must be the correct choice of CNC milling cutter.
  5. In the process of CNC milling, measures should be taken to prevent the workpiece from loosening.

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