What Skills Does the CNC Lathe Have for Thin-Walled Parts Machining?

YIJIN Hardware has advanced precision mechanical equipment imported from Germany, such as DMG three-axis CNC milling, DMG four-axis CNC milling, DMG five-axis machining center, CNC lathes, and so on. At the same time have experienced a five-axis machining engineer team and project management, team. Specializing in five-axis machining and other high-precision parts machining, especially five-axis machining, widely used in all kinds of high-tech and precision industries, such as robot parts, UAV parts, medical equipment parts, aviation parts, automation equipment parts, aerospace, ship parts, connector parts, military parts and so on.

YIJIN Hardware CNC Lathe for Thin-Walled Parts Machining

We all know that CNC lathe processing thin wall is more difficult, especially the processing of the inner hole because in the cutting process, thin-wall by the role of cutting force, easy to produce deformation. Lead to appear thus ellipse or middle small, two ends big ”waist shape” phenomenon. In addition, due to the poor heat dissipation during processing, the thin-walled casing is easy to produces thermal deformation, resulting in errors in CNC machining parts‘ size and shape. The important problem to be solved is how to reduce the influence of cutting force on the deformation of the workpiece. Next, YIJIN Hardware the precision parts manufacturer will take you to explore the skills of CNC lathe processing of thin-walled parts.

YIJIN Hardware CNC Lathe for Thin-Walled Parts Machining

CNC lathe processing of thin-walled parts is a more difficult problem in turning to process, the reason is that thin-walled parts of poor rigidity, weak strength, very easy to deform in the processing, so the shape and position error of CNC machining parts increase, not easy to ensure the processing quality of CNC machining parts. Using the characteristics of high machining accuracy and high production efficiency of CNC lathe processing, and considering the effect of technological problems on the machining quality of CNC machining parts, the experiments on the clamping of the workpiece, the geometric parameters of the cutting tool, and the programming of the program were carried out to overcome the deformation of thin-walled parts in the process of machining effectively. The machining accuracy is guaranteed, which provides a good basis and reference for a better cnc turning process of thin-walled parts in the future.

No matter what form of CNC lathe processing parts, the first must start from the view of the CNC machining parts diagram. The figure shows that the thin-walled parts processing, is easy to produce deformation, here not only clamping is not convenient, but also the parts to be processed that is difficult to process, the need to design a special thin-walled casing, shaft protection.

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