What is Threaded Insert? How Does It Work?

What is Threaded Insert?

The threaded insert is made of high-quality stainless steel wire with a diamond-shaped cross-section and is mechanically rolled into a spring-shaped thread. The diameter of the ordinary threaded insert is larger than the diameter of the inner threaded hole.

When installing the threaded insert, the threaded sleeve will gradually be compressed and tightened to fit the installation hole. After the installation is completed, the elasticity of the threaded insert will cause the threaded insert to rebound.

The expansion force is formed to achieve permanent fixation of the threaded hole. Because the diameter of the threaded insert is larger, the contact surface of the threaded insert is larger, which is stronger than the original thread in quality and effect.

American Standard Threaded Insert

American Standard Threaded Insert

So What Specific Roles Can the Wire Screw Threaded Insert Play in the Actual Use?

①First of all, the connected parts can be used to enhance the connection strength, improve the connection conditions, and obtain better connection performance. Wire thread inserts are made of low-strength materials such as aluminum and magnesium, which can avoid slippage and misalignment, so as to obtain better tightening performance.

Slotted Thread Inserts

Slotted Thread Inserts

②Improve the wear resistance of the connected parts. For example, applying the thread insert to the parts that are frequently disassembled can greatly improve the service life of the thread.

③Threaded inserts can be used for parts that need to increase the force-bearing area when the load-bearing requirement becomes larger or the connection strength is required to be larger, but the diameter of the screw hole cannot be directly increased.

Tangless Coilthread

Tangless Coilthread

④The threaded insert has a very good anti-loosening performance. Especially in the occasions where products such as aerospace vehicles have very high requirements on the insurance factor, the technology of screw-threaded inserts has been applied for the first time.

⑤Threaded inserts feature ease of maintenance. We can install the damaged internal thread screw hole into the wire screw threaded insert, so as to obtain a good thread environment, and after the repair, it has a stronger tightening performance and can continue to use the original screw hole, which can well avoid thread damage and the possibility of scrapping of the entire parts.

Self-Tapping Threaded Insert

Self-Tapping Threaded Insert

Although we may not be familiar with threaded inserts, in fact, the threaded insert has been widely used in automobile maintenance, aviation, aerospace, machinery, construction, furniture, and other industries. Generally speaking, the assembly tools of screw-threaded inserts include taps, screw taps, plug gauges, wrench installation, sleeve removal, and punching.

304 stainless steel thread insert

304 Stainless Steel Threaded insert

The installation and use steps include drilling, tapping, installation, and horizontal line cutting. Mastering the functional principle of the thread insert in detail can make better use of the thread insert and provide more convenience for our production work.

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