What is Precision Machining? How to Do Precision Metal Processing?

What is Precision Machining´╝č

Now the factory involves precision machining, which is all index-controlled processing, such as CNC milling machines, machining centers, CNC grinding machines, CNC drilling machines, CNC EDM machines, CNC punching machines, CNC bending machines, wire cutting, and so on.

What is Precision Parts Machining?

Precision parts processing is actually a type of mechanical processing, but because of the high precision of processing parts, the requirements for production machinery and processes are also relatively high. With the development of industrialization, there are more and more classifications of precision machining, the direction is getting more and more refined, and precision machining and manufacturing are becoming more and more specialized.

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The machining process of precision parts is very strict, and the in-feed and out-feed are closely linked. By grasping the precise precision of the size, the loss of materials can be reduced to reduce the cost. For example, 1mm plus or minus how many microns, etc., if the size is wrong, it will become waste, and the parts will not be able to be used.

Any piece of machinery and equipment is composed of many different small parts, each of which plays a vital role. The parts need to be assembled, so the precision mechanical parts processing manufacturers will reprocess according to such needs. After processing various parts, we can get more suitable parts for ourselves, so in order to make these products better for ourselves. Therefore, the important link of precision machining cannot be missing.

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In the processing route of precision machined components, a heat treatment process is often arranged. The location of the heat treatment process is arranged as follows: in order to improve the machining performance of the metal, such as annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering, etc., it is generally arranged before the machining of mechanical parts.

In order to ensure the machining accuracy of precision parts, it is best to process rough and fine mechanical parts separately. Because when rough mechanical parts are processed, the cutting amount is large, the cutting force and clamping force on the workpiece are large, the heat generation is large, and the machined surface of the mechanical parts has a significant phenomenon of work hardening, and there is large internal stress inside the workpiece. If The machining of rough and rough mechanical parts is carried out continuously, the precision of the parts after finishing will be quickly lost due to the redistribution of stress.

How Can Precision Machining Improve the Quality of Workpieces and How Can Precision Metal Processing be Done Well?

In order to improve the quality of workpieces in precision machining, we must first understand: the errors of precision machining and the main factors that easily cause workpiece deformation in precision machining, and also understand the three principles for improving the accuracy of precision machining.

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1. Improve the Cutting Level

In precision machining, when the workpiece is being cut, the surface of the workpiece will form an imprint almost the same as the shape of the tool and leave a large number of scales, which will easily increase the roughness of the workpiece surface and reduce the quality of the workpiece surface;

Generally speaking, in this case, the tip arc radius of the tool should be appropriately increased during cutting, and the tool feed should be appropriately reduced to reduce the height of the residual area of the tool on the workpiece as much as possible to ensure the roughness of the workpiece surface. It can effectively reduce the built-up edge and scale on the surface of the workpiece, thereby improving the quality of the workpiece surface and prolonging the service life of the workpiece.

2. Improve Cutting Speed

When the workpiece is cut, if the cutting speed is high, the plastic deformation of the workpiece surface during the cutting process can be greatly reduced. The higher the cutting speed, the smaller the degree of plastic deformation, which can effectively reduce the roughness of the workpiece surface. If the cutting speed is not enough, the workpiece will produce a chip tumor in the cutting process, affecting the surface quality of the workpiece.

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3. Improve the Accuracy of Precision Machining Equipment

The precision machining of the workpiece is mainly completed by the machine tool. The error of the machine tool itself will directly affect the accuracy of the workpiece. This requires the high precision of the machine tool itself to effectively reduce the error generated during the machining process.

The error between the tool and the fixture will also affect the accuracy of the workpiece, and corresponding measures can be taken to reduce the wear of the tool. In this way, the precision of the workpiece can be improved and the quality of the workpiece can be improved.

The quality of the workpiece is the key to the development of an enterprise. Therefore, it is imperative for every precision machining factory to improve the quality of precision machining workpieces.

How to Do Precision Metal Processing?

1. Accurate Design Drawings are Required

Precision hardware processing is to process some small diameter hardware parts, so the design drawings of this product are accurate, and parts and components are a mile away from a miss. If the drawings are inaccurate, the parts produced may be unusable, thereby increasing production costs.

2. Materials for Precision Metal Processing

Because the products processed in this way are generally used in places where the quality of materials is relatively high, such as auto parts, watches, and clocks. Therefore, the quality requirements for the processed hardware products are also very high, and the first-class materials are generally used.

3. Cost Budget

In many cases, the products processed in this way are relatively low-priced. Therefore, we should also take into account the cost when budgeting, improving production technology and improving production efficiency.

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