2022 Top 10 CNC Milling Parts Manufacturers in the USA

In general, a CNC milling parts manufacturer produces two types of parts: flat parts and curved parts. Milling parts are usually rough-machined parts because this is the initial stage of machining. When CNC milling parts, it is best to avoid any programming errors.

Today we will introduce the top 10 milling parts suppliers in the United States to help you find a reliable CNC milling parts manufacturer for your business.

About Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd.

Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd specializes in precision machining and provides OEM ODM services for various industries including aviation, electronics, furniture, military defense, health care, automotive, communication, racing cars, new energy, and infrastructure construction (such as high-speed train and bridge). Located in Shenzhen, a young city in China, Yijin Hardware combines quality workmanship and superior knowledge with reasonable prices to guarantee on-budget China milling service and on-time delivery. Based on its exceptional standards, Yijin Hardware has got a lot of experience in providing cost-effective professional China CNC milling parts services for both private companies and governmental agencies for 20 years, with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

yijin hardware milling parts

With 20 years of experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing parts related to CNC machining, CNC rapid prototyping, CNC milling-turning, casting, metal stamping, and cold heading as well as sheet metal parts and a wide range of non-standard customized fasteners.

Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd can produce various CNC machining parts and fasteners based on your requirements, 3D drawings, or samples.

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1. 3ERP

3ERP machining manufacturer is committed to CNC milling machine parts, custom machining, CNC milling small parts, metal manufacturing, and die casting.

3ERP is a milling parts manufacturer certified by ISO9001-2015. The company’s precision CNC turning milling parts services insist on providing customers with “quality products, sincere service” business policy and “customer first” service standard. Reduce customer CNC parts development cost, cycle, and risk, so win the majority of customers and people from all walks of life support and trust.

 2022 Top 10 CNC Machining Manufacturers in the USA

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2. Xometry

Xometry was founded in 2013, as a CNC machining company,

Xometry rapid machining services cover an area of 16,000 square meters and employ 180 people. Xometry is a milling parts manufacturer specializing in precision metal stamping parts, precision CNC machining, injection molding, and product assembly, integrating R&D, production, and trade.

The company’s stainless steel precision cnc machining services have obtained iso14001:2015 and IATF16949:2016 quality system certification.

Xometry CNC milling parts services mainly produce products including Photovoltaic connectors, crown springs, shielding shells, lead frames, shrapnel processing, auto oil valve, auto connector accessories, milling auto parts, and precision terminals.

Xometry’s custom machining parts are widely used in household appliances, communication equipment, auto parts, new energy vehicles, and high-speed rail aviation fields, the product quality is stable, affordable, and won unanimous praise from customers.

2022 Top 10 CNC Machining Manufacturers in the USA

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3. Fictiv

Fictiv was founded by Dave Evans in 2013. As a cnc milling parts supplier, the company mainly through CNC lathe production of high-grade precision hardware products. Fictiv prototyping services have senior professional and technical personnel, advanced CNC processing equipment, perfect quality control system.

The products almost cover a full range of architectural decoration accessories, providing support services for the decoration industry. Fictiv milling parts have been widely used in construction, automobile, ship, aircraft, and other industries, Fictiv milling parts with excellent quality, good market reputation and perfect after-sales service system have obtained excellent application evaluation.

Fictiv has a milling components factory, which is an ideal CNC machine shop for prototype design and CNC machining parts. Fictiv has an excellent team in engineering technology and quality assurance. While providing customers with quality wholesale cnc milling parts services, Fictiv can continue to improve service solutions to help customers maintain their advantages in the market competition.

 cnc turning milling parts

Fictiv promise you

Inspection reports are included with every order

All milling parts inspected by our engineers

All CNC manufacturing partners are highly vetted and managed

Quality guaranteed. No machined parts will leave our workshop unless it has been fully inspected.

Material certifications available

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4. Protolabs

Protolabs was established in 1999 by Larry Lukis.

Protolabs company CNC rapid prototyping services have a group of high-quality professional and technical personnel, product coding, production and maintain international manufacturing standards, the design, and production of each milling parts have gone through strict process control, from drawing design to mold modeling, to the final product packaging, every detail is meticulous, excellence.

2022 Top 10 CNC Machining Manufacturers in the USA

As an experienced CNC machining manufacturer, and with hundreds of CNC machines.

Protolabs prototyping services are mainly engaged in photovoltaic connectors, shrapnel processing, automotive oil valves, automotive connector accessories, automotive spare parts, and precision terminals.

Protolabs aluminum cnc milling factory’s unmatched in-house capacity ensures your machined parts are shipped on time.

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5. RapidDirect

RapidDirect was Founded in 2009 in Shenzhen, China.

RapidDirect is a CNC machining supplier specializing in CNC machined components. Since its establishment, RapidDirect as a machined components manufacturer has been developing and growing based on the principles of quality, fast time, thoughtful service and reasonable price, and relying on the market.

RapidDirect wholesale CNC milling parts services have a team of managers and complex parts fabrication engineers. RapidDirect as the machining manufacturer has a complete set of high-tech metal manufacturing equipment such as CNC precision computer gongs, 3D printers, SLS, lathes, milling machines, and vacuum complex molders.

 cnc turning milling parts

According to customer requirements, CNC turning-milling parts produced by RapidDirect can complete various process requirements, including oil injection, electroplating, UV, oxidation, wire drawing, sandblasting, polishing, and other processes.

RapidDirect cnc metal parts manufacturer takes “customer first, quality first” as its tenet and “integrity cooperation and common development” as its business philosophy, sincerely provides customers with high-quality CNC machining services online.

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6. Star Rapid

Star Rapid was founded in 2005, in China. Star Rapid’s rapid machining services offer you perfect precision machined parts without MOQ.

Star Rapid as a CNC machining company specializes in CNC machining parts, CNC turning parts, CNC milling parts, multi-axis milling, EDM, surface grinding, laser engraving, and so on.

Star Rapid precision cnc machining services have always been adhering to the “integrity, quality, service, win-win” business philosophy, continuous innovation, customer satisfaction business policy, to provide domestic and foreign customers with reasonable prices, quality custom machined parts, and rigorous professional spirit and high quality and high standard service dedicated to customer service, to achieve win-win.

This is one of the reasons why many companies first choose StarRapid as their CNC machining company for their milling parts projects.

2022 Top 10 CNC Machining Manufacturers in the USA

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7. Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Established in 2014, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is a company that specializes in precision CNC machined parts processing. Mainly engaged in precision parts processing, CNC parts processing, CNC milling parts processing, non-standard automation equipment parts processing, and medical parts processing.

In the face of fierce market competition, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing the manufacturer of the milling parts continues to develop and innovate with its own advantages; adhering to high quality, high efficiency, and reasonable prices, it provides customers with excellent CNC parts machining services!

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8. eMachineShop

eMachineShop was founded in 1999, and has more than 20 years of experience in the CNC machining industry, 20 years of its introduction of much imported large processing equipment, with professional CNC processing technology, specializing in manufacturing difficult, large, overweight, and other precision parts!

eMachineShop CNC milling services are complete, with a number of computer gongs, CNC boring, Longmen milling, cylindrical grinding, CNC turning, general vehicle, and other mechanical equipment, can process less than 6 meters long workpiece; In order to improve the processing quality and speed, eMachineShop has a supporting hard chromium plating and heat treatment workshop!

milling machine parts

eMachineShop is a custom machining parts manufacturer adhering to high quality, high efficiency, and reasonable price, to provide our customers with good metal manufacturing services!

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9. Materialise

Materialise was founded in 1990 and is located in Belgium. Materialise milling parts services have used its experience to create a series of CNC turning-milling and 3D printing services, which together form the backbone of online services for the CNC machining industry.

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10. Fractory

Fractory’s platform offers turning and milling parts services online. Fractory is a custom machining manufacturer focused on hardware processing for ten years, and its customized machining parts are mainly used in UAV, medical, electronics, machinery, communications, toys, intelligent equipment, and other industries. Leading processing equipment has CNC computer gongs, CNC lathes, automatic lathes, and secondary processing equipment.

Quality, speed, concentration, professionalism, and innovation are the service concepts of Fractory. Sincere service has won the trust and praise of many enterprises, and the company has gradually established a good brand in CNC turning parts services.

2022 Top 10 CNC Machining Manufacturers in the USA

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