What is the Difference Between Outer Hexagon and Inner Hexagon Screws

Screws are indispensable industrial necessities in daily life, from the use of cameras, glasses, clocks, electronic products, etc. to the use of engineering, construction, bridges, and other places. Therefore, there are also many types of screws. Hex screws have the advantage of being simple and easy to operate, and the frequency of use is relatively high.

Today, YIJIN Hardware will tell you the difference between an outer hexagon screw and an inner hexagon screw.

 hexagonal bolts manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

①From the outside, the screw head of the socket head cap screw is round on the outside, and the middle is a concave hexagon, while the external hexagon screw is a common screw head with a hexagonal shape. The hexagon socket screwdriver looks like the number “7”. It is cut with both ends of the hexagonal steel bar, and then bent at 90 degrees to become the socket screw wrench, and the outer hex screw is a common screw we usually, the head edge is hexagonal.

 inner hexagonal bolts manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

②The required tools, the outer hexagon screw, and the inner hexagon screw are assembled and disassembled with different tools, the same material, and the same thread have the same bearing capacity. The selection of screw head accommodation is mainly based on the installation location. If a countersunk head screw needs to be used, it is much more convenient to fasten it with a hexagon socket head screw, but the depth of the countersunk hole that needs to accommodate the screw head is much larger and requires a special Allen wrench, better than the generally adjustable wrench to deal with different sizes of external hexagon screws; Therefore, use outer or inner hexagon screws according to the specific situation.

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③The hexagon socket screws take up much less space, the hexagon socket screws can be installed in a deeper position during installation, and the outer hexagon bolt installation (including tightening) requires a larger space.

④The hexagon socket head bolt head can be sunk into the part without being exposed, reducing the overall size, and beautiful appearance, and not hindering other parts and other advantages.

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⑤The manufacturing cost of the outer hexagon screw is much lower than the inner hexagon screw, and the upper hand screw (wrench stress position) is thinner than the inner hexagon screw, and some places cannot replace the inner hexagon screw. In addition, low cost, low power strength, and low precision requirements for the use of machinery inner hexagon screws than the use of outer hexagonal bolts.

Whether inner hexagon screw or outer hexagon screw, are selected according to the use of the occasion. Shenzhen Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd is a comprehensive entity service company specializing in the development, production, sales, and service of fastener screws. The company is in line with small and medium-sized enterprises to provide a full range of one-stop solutions for professional supporting manufacturers.

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