Our CNC Machining Solutions

Yijin Hardware’s CNC machining parts are of various materials including titanium, stainless steel, stainless iron, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, Teflon, acrylic, ABS plastic, and carbon fiber. Using the equipment imported from Germany and Japan, Yijin Hardware is capable of manufacturing CNC machining parts with a tolerance range of 0.002 mm and a surface roughness range of Ra 0.8-3.2 μm as well as beautiful and bright finish.

Turned Products

CNC turning

Think about it. Why are the turning parts that you bought so expensive and of low quality? It is only because your custom CNC turned parts manufacturer does not have excellent machining capabilities. If you want to buy custom CNC turning parts with high quality but at a lower price, you should come to a powerful custom CNC turned parts manufacturer like Yijin Hardware. Why? Are 20 years of CNC machining experience enough for you? Do you think you can afford to miss such a world-class custom CNC turned part manufacturer which provides top CNC turning services and custom CNC turning parts?

Milled Products

CNC Milling

Are you still looking for an excellent manufacturer of precision custom CNC milling parts? Are you still looking for custom CNC Milling services that are top-notch around the world? You got it here! Yijin Hardware is a custom CNC milled parts manufacturer that can give you the exact CNC machining services you want. As a top Chinese custom CNC milled parts manufacturer, Yijin Hardware provides excellent precision CNC milling services and unparalleled low-cost CNC milling parts. The precision CNC milled parts produced by Yijin Hardware are used in many fields, such as lighting, medical equipment, machinery manufacturing, automobile, locks, defense and aerospace, and various machining industries.

Latest Case

Case Study of Pipeline Spare Parts Hardware Manufacture

Products Name: Plug nippel42 M16x1.5 Product Usage: It’s used to pipeline Material: 1.4404 Material Specification: SW24 six-party material Simple introduction of SS1.4404(ASTM316/SUS316L): It is acid-resistant stainless steel that is easily machined. Maximal improves the [...]

  • spacer sleeve,cnc custom machining inc

Case Study of Turning Processing Spacer Sleeve

Products Name: spacer sleeve Application: It’s used in aerospace Material: 304 stainless steel Turning Problems of Stainless Steel 1. Selection of Cutting Tools Turning stainless steel requires high heat resistance, [...]

  • CNC turning thread shaft

Case Study of CNC Turning Tread Shafts

Product name: Tread shaft Application: It’s used in aerospace Material: 304 Stainless steel The Characteristics of  304 Stainless Steel Turning Processing Cutting Force Is Big The hardness is not high of 304 Austenitic [...]

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  • We ensure on-financial plan items and on-time delivery
  • We have outstanding guidelines and phenomenal expense control
  • We offer types of assistance for both privately owned businesses and administrative organizations
  • We have 20-year experience, with a genuine spotlight on consumer loyalty

▶Give Yijin Hardware your idea and drawing or sample, and everything will be handled by the professional engineers and skilled technicians in Yijin Hardware until you get what you want.