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Precision Custom CNC Milling Part – Keypad

I believe that most of us have some experience with computer games, but today Yijin Hardware will introduce a metal keypad. Are you curious about it? What does a keypad have anything to do with our precision custom CNC milling? Well, the keypad is one of our precision custom CNC milling aluminum parts. A metal keypad manufacturer spent a lot of time trying to find a custom CNC milling parts supplier, but no one was satisfactory in their eyes until they found Yijin Hardware on google. They told us that they did not think that there were a lot of precision custom CNC milling parts manufacturers like us, powerful enough and keeping a low profile.

Product introduction: The metal keypad is another type of keypads with the same operating principle as common keypads and similar internal structures. The different part is that the metal keypad has hard surfaces, due to its material, to achieve features that common keypads do not have, such as violence, dust and water resistance.

Product dimensions: 420*130mm*20mm

Product material: aluminum alloy 5052

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