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2023 Top 10 Precision CNC Machining Providers in China

1. Shenzhen Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd.

At the top of the list is YIJIN Hardware, which has been dominating the entire metal parts manufacturing market for many years.

They have successfully made a name for itself in China and internationally by providing high-quality, innovative technologies, machines, and machine parts.

With 20 years of experience in machine design and development as well as metal fabrication, they mainly focus on supplying CNC machine parts.

The company’s well-equipped CNC machine shop has a full range of precision machining centers, CNC turning, and milling equipment to meet the demanding requirements of customers.

Highly advanced processes enable the production of highly complex and precise parts.

YIJIN Hardware products include camera stabilizer parts, aluminum car parts, drone parts, bolts and nuts, led flashlight housings, and various toy parts.

This company combines high-quality work, excellent knowledge, and reasonable prices to provide services that are unmatched by the overall competitors.

YIJIN Hardware has the experience, people, and resources to keep your project on track. 


2. Dongguan JING XIN Precision Machinery Co. Ltd

Jingxin Machinery started in 2003 and has become one of the few factories in China that provides a one-stop service for custom manufacturing.

In addition, there are more than 150 skilled workers in the company, especially more than 20 skilled engineers and a well-trained international sales team.

All project details and questions can be answered quickly and professionally.

Moreover, passion and responsibility for developing and manufacturing new products for more than 20 years allow it to do more to ensure quality and improve service.

Advantages to Customers

  • Competitive costs with an increase in your production.
  • The idea of the need for vendors or outsourcing is history now with us.
  • Typical tolerance ranges from (+/- 0.01mm-0.05mm).
  • With the Fastest lead time (10-15 working days).
  • Some of the jobs include CNC machining services, tooling and forming, CNC milling, CNC turning, plastic injection molding, metal stamping, CNC design services, and CNC bending.

3. Shenzhen Jiefengtai Technology Co. Ltd

This company is an expert in the production and sale of ample advertising CNC engraving machines, wood engraving machines, marble engraving machines, computer graphics, laser engraving machines, laser cutting machines, manual laser engraving machines, machines laser engraving, and other equipment parts.

On the other hand, this company pursues innovation and high quality.

Nonetheless, this company continues to develop and produce high-quality, cost-effective CNC engraving equipment parts and continually creates maximum value for customers.

Here the product line has many machines but some of the important ones can be the CNC laser, which is the most selling item. Moreover, they have many electronics products line mini CNC routers, etc.

custom milling parts samples yijin

4. Changzhou Technology

At the production level base Shanghai Kenmet offers a variety of advanced numerical control machine tools, the company is committed to continuous innovation, grasping the market quickly and accurately, and creating more value to provide satisfactory products to customers.

A comprehensive solution to your manufacturing needs.

Furthermore, as a professional digital bed manufacturer, KEMET expands its business scope to 3C, aviation, aerospace, motorcycle, pneumatic, hydraulic, bearing, power, instrumentation, communication, medical equipment, generator, and other fields.

Lastly, it offers comprehensive support to customers with a wide range of CNC products.

Moving on the products that are offered by this company include the usual drilling and milling equipment. With this, they also offer the automatic intelligent production line and the 5-axis series, etc.

5. Suzhou Rico Machinery Co., Ltd.

From the very start of 2015, this company has proudly served the CNC and woodworking industries in Australia, Canada, the US, South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Suzhou Rico Machinery works together to support CNC milling and woodworking machine users across the country.

Moreover, you can not only improve the quality of the product but also create new and better designs and customize them.

They have expanded our product line from CNC parts, CNC tooling systems for automatic tool changers, and CNC milling cutter products to other CNC machine tool tools and accessories, edge banding machines, panel saws, and many other products available.

They launched a new line of parts and consumables for EDM. This company’s ultimate goal is to make and provide the best machinery this industry could ever have.

types of cnc laser cutting

6. Shanghai Siege Co

As a reputable manufacturer, Shanghai Siege Precision Mold Made Co provides quality hand and machine tools and more products such as molds, plastic parts, and machine parts.

This company has a reputation to be the best not only in China but also has a big name outside of this country through which it makes a lot of sales.

It came out in 2008 and has not been exported to many countries such as Canada, Australia, Germany, and the UK.

Additionally, the company has approximately 40 total employees. Finally, the company’s main product includes plastic parts, machine parts, and molds.

7. Ningbo Lijiang Co

Located in Yuyao, Lijiang Robot Technology Co is a high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing injection molding robotic arms and automation peripheral equipment.

This company came into being in 2007 and it has dominated the market by providing the best automation and providing its customers with a wide range of solutions in terms of manufacturing, sending the product, or even its after-sale service.

Through years of technology accumulation and talent storage, it has developed multi-field automation equipment and customized services following international industry standards and control concepts. 

Last but not least this company’s main equipment includes injection molding processors, molding machine processors, stamping processors, lathe processors, 6-axis manipulators, non-standard automation solutions, and die-casting processors.

YIJIN Hardware fabrication workshop

8. SZ LCH Industry Co

For decades this has been a CNC-based manufacturing company. By providing high-quality custom machined parts, SZ LCH Industry Co has a well-established market network.

And has established good cooperative relationships with famous companies such as FENIX, Shenzhen CGD Lights, etc.

Other than this quick communication has always been a key factor in this company’s success.

The duty is to have the best work possible for which the company has in place the best research and development team.

Not only this but this has about 20 years of experience in this field and it knows what it is doing with its machines and meets the demand of its customers.

Some of the best works are in the area of CNC machining with milling or even the casting of metal stamping.

9. Suzhou Sanjun Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Tools Technology Co was founded in 2008, this is a company specializing in the production of tungsten steel burs and alloy burs.

The products are widely used in mold making, auto parts, the electronic industry, metal processing, etc., and have a certain reputation in China.

Furthermore, with more than 50 technicians, more than 50 CNC machine tools, and 24-hour continuous production, the company guarantees a production capacity of more than 10,000 units per month.

At the same time, the quality inspection department strictly controls the import and export of raw materials to ensure that the product pass rate can reach more than 99%.

The main products are plated burs, aluminum alloy special burs, stainless steel special burs, high hardness burs, fixed point drills, tungsten steel reamers, and various non-standard cutters and reamers.

The quality is fully confirmed, the price is real and reasonable, and it is preferred by customers.

The company’s products are also exported to all parts of the world, and there are fixed agents and distributors in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

10. ShangHai JW Machinery

This company is known to be the best and the biggest when it comes to the making of the machines used in the process of mineral-making equipment.

Moving on they specialize in the area of design, manufacture, and sale of hydraulic bending machines, hydraulic shears, CNC turret punching machines, presses, plate rolling mills, and other metal processing equipment.

Many of the products here are used in household appliances, elevators, automobiles, boilers, ships, containers, construction, decoration, equipment, and other manufacturing fields.

Their main products are as follows machine, Sheet metal Fabrication, Shearing Machine, Press Brake, Rolling Machine, Hydraulic Press Brake, Hydraulic Shearing Machine, and Hydraulic Rolling Machine.


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