How to Become An Excellent CNC Programmer?

Step 1: Must Be A Good Craftsman

Craft is the foundation of programming. You can’t program if you don’t know the craft.

In fact, when we chose mechanical cutting processing as this career, it means that the early industry is hard, dry coarse. A little basic knowledge learned in college is a pittance against the needs of a factory. A machining engineer is, in a way, an experienced engineer.

Then in the office make technology, estimate material consumption, and calculate quota. After 2-3 years of training, you can basically become qualified craft personnel. From my personal experience, I suggest that young college students who have just started to work must be modest to learn from the workers, once they can impart decades of experience with you, you can walk a lot of resources.

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Because these experiences cannot be learned from books, the choice of process is the comprehensive consideration of the equipment capacity and personnel technical ability of the choice. It is impossible to be a good technologist without the support and trust of employees. Through this long period of learning and accumulation, you should achieve the following technical standards and requirements:

  1. Familiar with drilling, milling, boring, grinding, planer structure, and process characteristics.
  2. Familiar with the properties of processing materials.
  3. A solid tool theory of basic knowledge grasps the tool of conventional cutting parameters.
  4. Familiarity with the enterprise’s process specifications, standards, and various processes can meet the general requirements and conventional parts of the process route.
  5. Familiar with the tool system used in NC machine tools.

Step 2: Master CNC Programming and Computer Software Applications

This one I think is relatively easy, programming instructions are also a few dozen, and various systems are similar.  Automatic programming software is slightly more complex, need to learn to model. Readers are most adapted to the study of such knowledge. In practice, the criteria for a good program are:

  1. From the perspective of programming to the understanding of the instruction, I think the instruction is ALSO G00 and G01, the other is auxiliary instructions, which is convenient programming to set.
  2. In machining, the simplest method is the best method. As long as the practical experience of the peer, presumably will agree with this sentence!

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Step 3: Must Have A Good Fixture Foundation and Measurement Technology Level

Here I put the fixture and measurement technology in a single list because it plays an important role in the quality of parts processing and the accuracy of the machine tool, which is one of the signs reflecting the level of the technical personnel. The whole process system: The machine is a machine tool factory that guarantees the accuracy, cutting tools and cutting parameters are cutting tools provide general issues is not large, only the jig is technology personnel specifically designed for specific parts, mostly on numerical control machine tool parts are all has the certain difficulty, so often difficult to anticipate problems, I’m engaged in CNC machine tool cutting debug user parts a decade, Don’t change the fixture is really not encountered.

During debugging, the first part of processing is not qualified, more than half of the reason is due to the fixture positioning, clamping pressure point, and clamping force being unreasonable. Fixture reason analysis difficulty lies in only qualitative, difficult to quantify. If there is no experience in fixture design and parts clamping, it will be difficult. In this aspect of learning, it is suggested to do precision coordinate boring machine senior technicians to consult. Sometimes parts processing and CMM are not counted on. It must be measured by hand. Just think, if parts are not accurate, which leader and worker master will trust you?

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Step 4: Get Familiar with CNC Machine Tools and Proficient in NC Machine Tool Maintenance

The so-called familiar with CNC machine tools should do:

  1. Familiar with NC electrical components and control principles. According to the electrical alarm number, the alarm content can be found.
  2. It is clear which factors affect the accuracy of machine tools.
  3. Understand the lubrication system of machine tools (bearing, spindle, each pair of motion, gearbox, etc.), and clear the distribution of each lubrication point. The grade of lubricating oil for machine tools and the normal consumption of weekly or monthly oil.
  4. Understand the cooling system of machine tools: cutting (water, gas) cooling, spindle cooling, electric box cooling, etc
  5. Understand the main transmission structure of the machine tool, and the specific data characteristics between the speed and torque of each machine tool.
  6. Understand the characteristics of the machine tool guide rail pair: is it line rail or slide rail, and how rigid (bearing capacity)?
  7. It is can eliminate common operation faults (such as extreme, knife library knife number error, etc.)
  8. Proficient in the accuracy (static and dynamic) indicators and detection methods of machine tools.
  9. Familiar with the mechanism of knife storing and the principle of tool change.

Above a few without more than 3 years of time to exercise, I am afraid it is difficult to meet the requirements. And many enterprises do not have the conditions to learn. It is recommended to consult the master of the equipment maintenance department.

I will not say much about the details of the maintenance of machine tools, each enterprise has its own experience and standards.

Machine tool maintenance focus on “maintenance”, and usually should pay attention to (should do a good long-term record) :

  1. It is very important to pay attention to whether the starting load of each axis of the machine tool is normal every day.
  2. Frequently clean the air conditioning screen of the electric box and the air vent screen. Once the integrated circuit board of the internal power module and the drive module of the electrical box stick to the dust-containing iron powder, the machine tool will appear inexplicable alarm, and it can not be repaired. Just wait for the board to change!

Step 5: Develop Good Habits to Adapt to the Characteristics of CNC Machining

Suitable for numerical control processing the master should be modest, rigorous, calm, careful thinking, organized and independent people.

  1. The processing of some large parts, not only the processing content but also the transformation of three-dimensional coordinates in space. The calculation of machining trajectory is very complex and difficult to determine. If the problem is not considered in detail and comprehensively, the calculation is not accurate, the program modification becomes more and more chaotic during debugging, and the probability of error is large. The phrase “look before you leap” is most apt here.
  2. The parts debugging process is a multi-person cooperation process, including operators, inspectors, fixture design, fixture assembly personnel, etc. When there is a problem, ask for their opinion, do more experiments, and do not jump to conclusions. Do not blame too much on employees who make mistakes, but have a “compassionate” attitude.
  3. The work of the CNC machine tool is controlled by instructions. When debugging, before the “start” button is pressed, you must be very clear about the running track of the machine tool. To be rigorous, and meticulous, do not let the machine first move again. If the program is wrong or the compensation parameters are incorrect, or the wrong coordinate system is selected. Light scrap parts, heavy safety accidents. Temper is rough, does not have a clue, and repeated teaching is not adapted to the operation of CNC machine tools.
  4. Debugging processing problems, to calm, not panic, and then misoperation. Good psychological quality.
  5. When the parts fail to pass the test many times, the analysis should be organized and the responsibility should be based on it. Some relevant departments for various reasons, will give a variety of explanations, then you have to be independent, remember: doing the wrong thing does not matter, but not the wrong way to do it.
  6. As a technologist, due to the environment, my technical ability is always limited. When the technology inside the factory has been digested, the vision should be put outside, closely following the advanced processing technology at home and abroad, learning, and digestion. Advise your boss on technology.

Above is my mind the ideal CNC programming master, in fact, in the final analysis, there should be a senior technologist, senior technician level programmer.

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