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CNC Machined Custom Aluminum Parts for the Bicycle with Anodizing

Product introduction: The turning and milling composite machining parts are applied to the bicycle Hub. A Hub in a bicycle refers to a drum-shaped object in the center of a wheel. The Hub is equipped with bearings and axostyle, which are connected to the frame through the axostyle.

The outer part is connected to the rim through the spoke, which is the core component of the wheel group. Because the shape is similar to a flower drum, so it has the name “Hub”.

Traditional vehicle wheels consist of hubs, spokes, and rims. When the hub is changed, the spokes generally need to be replaced, and only the rim is left, which can be used as long as the number of holes is appropriate.

Today we will introduce an anodized aluminum bike part, which is a customized turning and milling composite part.

The processing difficulty of these customized Anodized aluminum bike parts is that the internal structure of the product is relatively complex, which requires turning and milling composite for customized precision processing.

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