This is a CNC turning and milling compound called tail tube seat, made of A6061-T6, with an anodized red surface and 43mm outer diameter. It is 97mm in length. It is a racing motorcycle accessory for the famous Austrian manufacturer KTM. The difficulty of the product is that it has high requirements for the surface treatment color. The color is the Red and dark blue phase which is not common in China. This is particularly demanding for anodizing. The other technical requirement is: ǿ40 is matched with the actual size of the tailpipe. 2- ǿ19+0 -0.009 must be concentric, and perpendicular to the ǿ40 axis, which requires The technology of YIJIN Hardware to overcome, Although we have more than 20 years of experience in the Technical team and 10 years of the Engineering team, these problems are was a bit difficult at the beginning for Our Team, With YIJIN Teams effort, it was solved one by one.

As shown in the screenshot above, the red arrow shows that the tolerances of the two dimensions are particularly strict, and only the tolerance requirement of 0.01mm after anodizing, then we only have a tolerance of 0.005mm when processing is completed, because we have to reserve The tolerance of 0.005 gives the surface Anodization and requires a small number of knives. Even if we choose the smallest turning tool, it is difficult to meet the tolerance requirement of 0.005 and the requirement of basically no knives texture. Finally, we chose the first CNC turning and milling compound.

Processing and production, and then using the centerless grinding process to control the final size, of course, the rich experience and technical level of YIJIN Hardware are right, our sample proofing is successful, and finally successfully delivered 5000 products to Austria KTM. KTM is very satisfied with the hardware products we produced and hopes to reach a long-term cooperative relationship with us. Shenzhen YIJIN Hardware Co., Ltd. expresses its gratitude to KTM for its affirmation and support and expects to have more racing motorcycles manufacturers choose us.

YIJIN Hardware is committed to providing better Solutions to the profession!

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