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CNC Turning Aluminum Components

Flashlight enclosures are usually made of aluminum alloys, but a lot of flashlight manufacturers require their custom CNC milling aluminum parts manufacturers to guarantee high strength and high hardness for enclosures while ensuring that their quality is within a certain range. Enough talking, let’s take a look at this high-hardness CNC aluminum component manufactured by Yijin Hardware.

Product materials: aluminum 6061-T6

Product introduction: This CNC turning part is a flashlight enclosure part. Aluminum alloys are used for flashlight enclosures due to good control over the finished product weight.

Aluminum alloys are easier to cut during CNC turning and more helpful for later part surface treatment. During its use, a flashlight is subjected to frequent friction and bumping, so hard anodizing is required as a surface treatment for its enclosure and parts for the higher hardness and abrasion resistance to prevent its appearance and service life from being affected.

Hard anodizing is a thick coating treatment, producing a coating three times thicker than that of ordinary anodizing. It is a special anodizing applicable only to aluminum alloys.

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