Harmonica Production Process

Product Name: harmonica

It is used to side cover for harmonica

Material: ebony

Eight common uses of wood in daily life

Wood has a variety of uses, has been widely used since ancient times, and has been used in modern civilization. Here are eight common uses of wood.

1. Housing building

Wooden home buildings were popular many years ago and are still widely used today. Usually, wood is used in domestic buildings for floors, frames for doors and windows, etc. There are many types of wood that can be used for this purpose, such as walnut, teak, pine mango fences, and decorative gardens, which are now a very fashionable trend, using such wood materials is the best choice. When it comes to wood decoration, you can get creative and decorate your home, garden, roof, etc. The best woods for this purpose are cedar and redwood.

2. Fabricate ware

To add some uniqueness to your home interior, try making appliances out of wood instead of plastic and iron.

3. Creative art

As we all know, wood is widely used for sculpture, carving, and ornaments. In addition, you may have noticed that the frames of artboards and color boards are mostly made of wood. The best wood types are pine, Acer SP and Cherry.

4. Fabricate musical instruments

Most Musical Instruments, such as the piano, violin, cello, guitar, and many others, must be made of wood.

5. Furniture production

Wooden furniture has long been seen as a symbol of nobility. There are several kinds of wood that can be used to make furniture, such as teak.

6. Shipbuilding

Wood is one of the most important materials for shipbuilding. Both hardwood and cork can be used.

7. Make Fuel

The world needs energy. The main source of energy is fuel. Before gas exploration, wood was the most commonly used material because it was easy to get.

8. Manufacture of stationery

We can hardly imagine life without paper and pencil. The main material of paper and pencil is also wood. For example the butterfly tree.


Processing technic

The quantity of tool:12 tool

The types of tools:

φ10 butt mill

R1 bull mill

φ8 butt mill

φ6 butt mill

R1 ball cutter

R3 ball cutter

φ1 butt mill

φ3 drill bit

φ1.6 drill bit

The most common problem in the CNC processing of wood products is the occurrence of cracks, so in the process of processing, it is necessary to use special tools for wood products and the spindle speed needs more than 10000/min.

Use φ10 butt mill machining parts shape and φ10.2 hole, then use φ3 drill bit and φ1.6 drill bit machining inner hole φ3 and φ1.6.

Use φ8 butt mill and R1 ball cutter machining part cavity.

Use φ6 butt mill and R1 ball cutter machining u-shape groove.

Use φ10 butt mill, R1 bull mill, and R3 ball cutter machining parts shape.

Use φ1 butt mill and R1 ball cutter processing decoration slot.

Please refer to the finished parts as below:


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