Everybody knows how important the fasteners are. All the companies that chose Yijin Hardware have very high requirements for the custom fasteners from fastener manufacturers in all aspects such as quality and wholesale. Generally, Yijin Hardware’s customers have high demands for fasteners, and that’s why they have chosen Yijin Hardware which is capable of manufacturing custom fasteners in bulk. If you need a large batch of (stainless-steel) custom fasteners, I think Yinjin Hardware is your best choice. Why? Because Yijin Hardware is not only a custom fastener manufacturer but also a fastener wholesaler. We are capable of manufacturing both standard and non-standard fasteners in a perfect way.

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No matter where we go, we see fasteners, as they play an important role in both our life and industrial production. More than 95% of the companies looking for a custom fastener supplier have chosen Yijin Hardware because of good quality of its custom fasteners. With rich experience on CNC machining for more than 20 years, Yijin Hardware has undoubted capabilities to provide fasteners in bulk within a short period of time. As a custom fastener manufacturer with a history of over 20 years, Yijin Hardware not only provides custom fasteners in bulk, but also strives to manufacture every standard or non-standard fastener based on customers’ requirements in a perfect way. This is why most of the companies that have chosen Yijin Hardware trust us very much and this is also why Yinjin Hardware has been successful in this business for so long.

Yijin Hardware has been engaged in custom fastener manufacturing for 20 years. As a top custom fastener manufacturer, Yijin Hardware has been recognized by major companies all around the world with its products and professional, precious and complete quality system. Yijin Hardware is a powerful custom fastener manufacturer with a lot of regular customers. When they asked us whether we could provide fasteners in bulk for the first time, we always answered yes and told them that we could do better by providing custom fasteners in bulk. This is our self-confidence which comes from our capability. Yinjin Hardware has a team of engineers with independent mould design and development capabilities to provide a series of supporting services including mould design, sampling, and electroplating at the early stage based on the drawings and samples from customers. Therefore, we are also capable of manufacturing custom fasteners. So what is (stainless steel) fastener machining? It is one of the few latest non-cutting metal press machining technologies, also known as cold heading. It takes advantage of plastic deformation of the metal due to external forces and uses a mould to redistribute and transfer its volume so as to produce the required part or blank. Standard fasteners such as bolts, screws, nuts, rivets and dowels as well as some non-standard fasteners are all manufactured by cold heading. In the 20 years as a top fastener manufacturer, Yijin Hardware has accumulated a lot of production and moulding experience in manufacturing both standard fasteners and non-standard fasteners. With such valuable experience, we provide a large amount of fasteners in bulk as well as efficient work support and services in global precision electronics and timepiece industries.

As a top custom fastener manufacturer, Yijin Hardware is capable of manufacturing fasteners with a outer diameter as short as 1.0 mm and with a length down to 2.0 mm and up to 2 m. With such advantages, we stand out from so many custom fastener suppliers. Therefore, Yijin Hardware has accompanied China’s high-speed train project for development for many years, in good cooperation with China Railway No. 5 Engineering Group. Because of professionalism and focus in the fastener manufacturing industry, Yinjin Hardware has gained attention from a lot of companies around the world. The cold heading process leads to higher production efficiency and higher product quality, as well as reducing material consumption and fastener production costs and improving working conditions. Therefore, in machinery manufacturing, precision electronics, timepiece, smart home, electrical machinery, home appliances, especially production of standard and non-standard fasteners, the most representative products made by the multistage cold heading are bolts, screws, heterogenous fasteners, molded parts and nuts. Contact Yijin Hardware to witness the process of the impossible made possible and understand fastener forming as well as Yijin Hardware’s professionalism and precision. Contact us now by phone or email!

 The Strongest Mechanical “Connectors” – Yijin Hardware’s Fasteners

Just like a stable bridge needs to be set up between humans for mutual trust, to make a machine operate properly, its inner parts need to be interconnected. This is where fasteners like screws and nuts are used. As an internationally prestigious fastener factory and fastener manufacturer, Yijin Hardware manufactures remarkable fasteners featuring various specifications, high performances and wide application. Especially in the machinery industry, the supply often falls short of demands. Various fasteners are applicable to most common things including transport tools such as cars, buses, ships and trains and even houses for living.   

Normally, a fastener purchaser buys fasteners in wholesale from a chosen fastener supplier so as to enjoy a big price discount. For a fastener manufacturer, mass production does not lead to high cost pressure. Therefore, the price is always negotiable as long as long-term and stable cooperation is established. A fastener manufacturer needs to carry out cost control on the fasteners all the time so that stable production and supply can be achieved no matter what happens, e.g., the financial crisis. This is a prerequisite to have access to the high-end international market.

。At present, there are about dozens of fastener types on the market, but the three most common types of fasteners in daily life are screws, nuts and bolt.  

  • A screw uses the object’s oblique circular rotation and force of friction to fasten an article or a workpiece.
  • A nut is mainly in the shape of a flat hexagon, flat square column or flat cylinder, with an inner threaded hole. A nut is usually used together with a screw to fasten the connection between two separate parts to make them united.
  • A nut is not different from a screw, With the same theory, it uses the object’s oblique circular rotation and force of friction to fasten an article or a workpiece.

In recent years, as the machinery manufacturing industry rapidly rises, the international fastener products has entered the period of “Dynasty Change” which greatly promotes development of the fastener industry. Both at home and abroad, all industries including automobile, shipping, electric appliance and machinery manufacturing keep growing all the time. Under the needs of large batch production, the fever of the fastener industry in wholesale does not decrease but increases. In general, there are large needs for fastener products in the market. A large quantity of fasteners are needed for various mechanical and electrical products as well as all kinds of large, midsize and small construction projects from the initial stage to the final stage through the whole process. Besides, for regular and irregular maintenance and repair of various devices and equipment in various construction projects based on design regulations during long-term operation, a lot of fasteners are needed, usually even several times more than those used in the initial and middle stages. From the perspective of product categories on the market, various fasteners with high intensity, high precision and good performances are needed in industries overseas, including thriving automobile, manufacturing, home appliance and transportation as well as a lot of large and ultra-large projects. This shows that the need for fasteners overseas will increase rapidly in the near future, which is a good opportunity of this era and we should try our best to seize it.  

After a long time of exploring and endeavoring, Yijin Hardware has owned a certain advantages in the fastener industry, including advanced equipment and advanced technological application. With its high quality and high precision fasteners, Yijin Hardware is being recognized by more and more customers. We have reason to believe that we will always be rewarded for our unlimited hard work, continuous high-end technology research and development, and more efforts on product quality. Although the competition in the fastener industry is fierce and sometimes even vicious, Yijin Hardware always stick to the principle of Quality First.