3 Factors That Affect Surface Roughness in Precision Parts Machining?

What Are the Factors that Affect the Surface Roughness in Machining Precision Parts?

1)The Influence of Cutting Force and Friction

When precision parts processing cutting tool cutting edge rounded corners and in the face of workpiece profile extrusion and friction may cause plastic deformation of the metal parts material, which leads to the existing residual area distorted or deeper grooves, at this point, the increased surface roughness and machining brittle material cutting scrap into broken particles, and the surface of the processed often show traces of particles collapses, leaving many pits and roughening the cnc machined parts surface.

YIJIN Hardware Surface Roughness in Machining Precision Parts

2)The Impact of the Accumulation of Clastic Tumors

When a cutting tool is cutting plastic at a certain speed, some small particles on the machined components chip will adhere to the tip of the front cutter face, forming the accumulation edge of high hardness, which can replace the front cutter face and machining parts cutting edge.

When the friction between the machined components chip and the stacking edge of precision turned parts are greater than the cold welding strength between the stacking precision machined components edge and the front cutter face, or when it is impacted or vibrated, the stacking precision machined components edge will fall off so that the new-up precision turned components edge will be gradually generated in the future. The formation, growth, and shedding of the stacking edges will seriously affect the surface roughness of the precision cnc machining parts.

3)Influence of Scaly Spines

In the cutting process, due to the friction and cold welding of the turned parts chip on the cutting surface during precision parts processing, the chip will regularly stay on the front cutter surface, thereby squeezing the newly processed surface. In severe cases, the surface can tear. Scales form on the surface, making the surface rough and uneven.

Due to the effects of the above physical factors on the roughness, in order to reduce the surface roughness, in addition to reducing the plastic deformation caused by the cutting force, the accumulation of tumors and scales during the machining of precision parts should be avoided.

The main process measures are: choose the cutting speed which is not easy to produce the accumulation edge and the prick to improve the cutting performance of the material to choose the cutting fluid correctly.

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