In 2017, As the Secondary Supplier, GE Group of the United States sent our company for evaluation and inquiry.
Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd. pays the main attention to this inquiry.
The company’s engineering design and production department carefully studied the drawing and gave it an A very reasonable price.
GE Group was very pleased with our timely response and evaluation,
followed by a more in-depth discussion and cooperation with these machined parts for the automotive industry,
Yijin use five axes linkage production process, the material is aluminum, the surface treatment is anodizing,
and the processing difficulty lies in the four corner pillars, which need to be processed by a single piece of aluminum plate.
After the processing, the knife pattern is small and the surface treatment is good without any trace.
It made Yijin have the ability and experience of machining in the automotive industry,
and increase another valuable wealth to the development of the company.

This drawing is a sales engineer from Finland customer to Yijin Hardware. He hopes that we can provide help and solve it. At the time, the customer was in Finland. This product is an accessory used for SMT machines. The material is brass. The accuracy requirement is plus or minus 0.05mm. This accessory is newly developed for the connection between the machine and the valve connector. As shown in the figure above, the drawing sent by the customer is a plan, and the drawing is not clear. There are several important dimensions that are not clear. The outer diameter of the 3mm long position in the middle side view in the figure above is not marked. The 0.4mm small inner diameter depth in the right picture above is not marked. The M10 internal thread is marked as long as 1mm depth. It is also difficult to achieve in terms of technology, and the internal thread of M10 has a depth of only one-half of the thread, which is basically no thread. At that time, a senior experienced engineer at Yijin Hardware found the problem described above when he saw this drawing. And asked sales to communicate with customers about the series of problems. Finland customers gave us a high evaluation of our prompt response and thanked us. About the drawing design problem, the customer replied that the 3mm length and the outer diameter were 0.8mm, and the small inner diameter depth of 0.4mm and the depth of the M10 thread were not clearly expressed. Subsequently, the engineer of Yijin Hardware decided to draw a 3D drawing for the customer to confirm, And give customers the most intuitive expressions and suggestions for modification.


As shown in the figure above, the engineer of Yijin Hardware drew a 3D drawing in a short time and sent it to the customer for confirmation. The internal thread of the M10 deepened to 3mm, and the corresponding inner diameter of the bottom hole of the M10 internal thread also deepened to 4mm, 0.4mm The inner diameter is drilled through in a 3D chart. Mainly made these two modifications and sent the 3D drawing to the customer for final confirmation. The customer was very pleased to see it and appreciated the design capabilities of the Yijin Hardware Engineer very much. The customer place a trial order and the customer will fly directly from Finland to Shenzhen Yijin Hardware to check whether the sample is qualified and meet his expectations. When they arrived in Shenzhen, Yijin Hardware arranged the machining workshop Production samples have been produced. The processing technology adopted by Yijin Hardware is CNC lathe processing. The hexagonal brass material is used to turn the outer circle, and then the U-turn is used to process the M10 internal thread and the small inner diameter of 0.4mm. Because the minimum outer diameter is only 0.8mm at a length of 3mm It is easy to break when the processing is completed and dropped, so it requires technical personnel with rich experience in Yijin Hardware to take it down one by one when the processing, which requires time-consuming, but it has a lot of experience and high-tech technicians. These are very small problems under the work. Yijin Hardware has the experience and ability to complete them. The sample is ready. The customer arrives at the company’s foreign trade department. Yijin Hardware shows the sample to him. The customer is very surprised to ask about the sales of Yijin Hardware. How did Yijin Hardware complete the sample in two days? The customer repeatedly emphasized It is impossible, very impossible, and absolutely impossible to complete in Finland. He is very incredible and satisfied with the response of Yjin Hardware, the design ability of the engineer, and the speed of production in the workshop. After the customer inspected the sample and confirmed that the sample was Excellent, he wanted to place the mass production order immediately and show us the bank slip. The customer repeatedly praised the ability of Yijin Hardware, but we told him that this is the cooperation of Yijin Hardware, Professionalism, and high-precision production capabilities, Yijin Hardware is willing to provide hardware parts services for all industries worldwide, cooperation, professional engineering advice, if you have this need, you can contact Yijin Hardware, Yijin Hardware will give you all the help you need in hardware.


The customer from UAE

The material used: Silver S925

Product Difficulties: The product is small in size and extremely precise, the silver material is expensive and the surface is easily scratched.

Taking all these into consideration, we provide our customers with two solutions.

Use casting and machining to complete this product. The purpose is to minimize the waste of the surface silver S925 material and reserve an appropriate finishing turning allowance on the casting to save the cost for customers.
Problems: Because silver S925 absorbs a large amount of oxygen when it melts at high temperature, silver S925 contains only a very small amount of antioxidants, and the parts are too thick, so the oxidation produced such as red marks, air holes, sand holes, and other problems. These problems can only be reflected after secondary processing. In order to facilitate the subsequent mass production of this product, Yijin Hardware discards this solution.

Totally use Machining Process. Create the mold to customize the silver S925 pipe material, to a certain extent, avoid the waste of silver S925 material, and finally solve the problem for customers.
The processing technology is as follows:

Finished picture:

To help customers solve problems is the purpose of Yijin Hardware as a continuous service. Help customers find problems, optimize solutions, reduce costs, all from the customer’s perspective, which is the reason that so many customers choose Yijin Hardware.

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