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DIN933 Stainless Steel Hex Cap Screws&Bolts Hex Nuts

Some people were born to be interested in or even good at something. That is a gift, so they learn related things very fast. When it comes to custom hex head screws, some custom hex head screw suppliers has such a gift, while others can never do a good job. Fortunately, Yijin Hardware is one of the former. Besides hex head screws, Yijin Hardware is good at manufacturing other kinds of screws. This is exactly one of Yijin Hardware’s advantages.

Product introduction:

The DIN933 bolts are up to German standards, with specs of M1.6 – M52 and lengths of 2 – 200 mm. The bolt refers to a type of cylindrical threaded mechanical fastener which is used together with a nut. A bolt is composed of two parts, head and bar (a cylinder with external threads), and needs to be used with a nut for fastened connection between two parts with through holes. This connection mode is called bolted connection. Screwing the nut off the bolt can separate these two parts, so bolted connection is detachable connection. Yijin Hardware manufactures both DIN933 standard parts and custom parts, mostly hex head screws per customer requirements. As a custom hex head screw manufacturer for over 20 years, Yijin Hardware has made the manufacturing of custom hex head screws one of its advantages.

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