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Custom DIN934 Hex Nut

DIN934 Hex Nut Introduction: The DIN934 hex nut, also known as ISO4032 hex nut per the international standard, has two types: coarse thread and fine thread. By product grade, it is divided into grade A and grade B, the former used for specifications smaller than or equal to M16 and the latter used for specifications larger than M16. Hex nuts are usually used together with bolts and screws. The hex nuts with coarse threads are not as good as the hex nuts with fine threads in terms of either self-locking or checking but has better locking force. The hex nuts with fine threads are better at checking, suitable for vibration resistance and easy for gap control. They are applicable to the cases requiring gap or moment control. Normally, the hex nuts with fine threads are chosen unless there are special requirements. According to the DIN934-1987 standard released in Germany in 1987, the IN934 hex nuts refer to the hex nuts with product grades A (≤M16) and B (>M16) as well as thread specifications M1 – M60.

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