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Custom CNC Milling Parts

Today, Yijin Hardware introduces a custom CNC machining part which requires the custom CNC milled parts manufacturer’s capabilities to reach a certain level because of its complex structure. Since every auto manufacturer has its own standards, this custom CNC machining part is mostly customized to be up to standard. This reason why this customer chose Yijin Hardware is just our powerful capabilities.

Product material: aluminum alloy 6061-T6

Production dimensions: 140mm*75mm*15mm

Product introduction:

The brake is a device used to decelerate or stop the motorcycle. There are two common types: one is called disc brake and the other drum brake. They share the same theory that the braking force comes from friction, so it is called friction brake. Either of these two braking types can do without this custom CNC milled part, the brake lever of a motorcycle, functioning as one of the core braking components.

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