Custom Car Parts

Today, we are going to introduce a Custom Car Parts for the auto motor. TThis custom cnc milling part requires two-time machining,so cnc machining prices will be expensive whose process needs to be handled with more care than that of one-time machining, so it is a big challenge for both the operators and engineers of a custom CNC machining service provider. Let’s find out how Yijin Hardware has successfully manufactured this custom CNC milling part.

Product dimensions: Φ190mm*60mm

Product material: casting aluminium

Product introduction: Electric vehicles have been widely accepted by consumers all over the world gradually. According to the current world-wide situation, Japan is one of the few countries with the fastest development of electric vehicles. Especially in the product development of hybrid electric vehicles, Japan is leading the whole world. Next, Yijin Hardware is going to share the CNC milling on seal covers for auto motors with you. This part is a semi-finished product after previous pressure casting, and next Yijin Hardware will complete the rest of machining for this part by using cnc milling and tell how to reduce cnc machining prices

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