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In the eyes of our customers, Yijin Hardware has always been a top custom CNC turning parts manufacturer&The best OEM CNC turning service factory. We have always taken it as our responsibility to provide customers with high-quality and low-cost customized CNC turning parts. Our CNC metal lathe is currently the most advanced CNC turning processing machine in the world. The self-developed CNC turning processing system and the advanced CNC turning processing machines enable us not only to quickly process CNC prototyping in a short time but also to quickly complete metal turning processing, such as aluminum machining service. Because of our self-developed CNC turning processing system, we have more advantages in a quotation than other Custom CNC Turning Parts Manufacturers. Our Yijin Hardware can always provide the best OEM CNC turning services for the custom precision-turned parts that customers want. So that 99% of our customers of Yijin Hardware will not choose other OEM CNC turning services suppliers after choosing us.

YIJIN Hardware CNC Turning Services

Are you still looking for an experienced CNC turning service factory? Are you still looking for a reliable and fast supplier of machined plastic and metal parts? YIJIN Hardware specializes in providing high-quality precision CNC turning services

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Why choose our CNC turning service

  • Fastest global delivery in 10 days
  • 20 years of professional CNC turning service experience
  • Tolerance as low as +-0.01mm
  • Rapid processing to make prototypes
  • 50+ metal and plastic, 10+ surface treatment
  • We have passed the AS9001 certification
  • A variety of surface treatments, as well as a wealth of CNC turning processing methods
  • The world’s top manufacturer of CNC turning processing

What are the characteristics of YIJIN Hardware’s precision CNC turning services

YIJIN Hardware is determined to provide customers with the most cost-effective CNC bolts:

  • 200+ CNC turning machines, it can perfectly meet the production of small, medium, and large turning parts
  • Using a CNC lathe with powered tools, it is possible to machine features such as axial and radial holes, planes, grooves and slots
  • Can process a variety of metals and various materials
  • Rapid prototyping and end-use manufacturing
  • High precision, reasonable price, fast delivery
  • Provide the most professional surface treatment for your custom CNC turning parts

YIJIN Hardware CNC Turning Processing VS Hardware Processing By CNC Turning Companies

Machine Comparison

The precision turning parts have high precision, anti-skid, high tolerance, smooth appearance, no burrs, no scratches, stable quality, multi-coordinate linkage, and complex shape parts. When changing the processed parts, generally only need to change the CNC program

The machining tolerances of the lathe parts set by other CNC turning service factories are not accurate, the threads are easy to slip, the surface is rough, and not smooth, easy to hurt the hands, and the product tolerance and appearance qualification rate are low, and it is costly and time-consuming.

Professional Comparison

With 20 Years of Experience and a Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction, We combine Quality Workmanship, Superior Knowledge, and Reasonable Prices, We Can Ensure a Job is Done on Time and on Budget, with Proven Results for Setting Exceptional Standards in Cost ControlxProfessional Service for Private and Commercial Customers

Other CNC turning service factories: scarce processing experience, The number of manufacturers serving is small, The overall level of workers is low, There is no professional precision testing process and standards, The tolerances of the products produced are not accurate, and the accuracy is often not up to the standard

Quality Comparison

YIJIN Hardware specializes in the production of CNC turning parts. We have more than 20 years of CNC machining experience. Our CNC turning parts and CNC turning services have won unanimous praise from customers.

Most CNC turning service factories are not experienced in CNC turning processing services. The parts processed by CNC turning are often not standardized, the product life is short, and even high prices and low-quality after-sales

Does Yijin Hardware Only Have Custom CNC Turning Services?

Obviously, Yijin Hardware is more than just custom CNC turning services, Yijin Hardware, a CNC turning company with 20 years of focus on CNC machining, Yijin Hardware goes from survival to development, to the introduction of advanced equipment at the back, and then later. We improved and perfected our own CNC turning machine We now not only have custom CNC turning services, but we can also do:

  1. Precision custom precision CNC turning
  2. Custom CNC turning services and custom CNC milling services
  3. Drilling service
  4. We have a lot of other CNC machining services besides the CNC turning service

In addition, our powerful self-developed CNC turning machine system, coupled with advanced CNC machining equipment, simplifies a lot of CNC turning operations, gives us strong productivity, so as to produce high-quality, high-precision lathe machines parts, and lets us 5 Axis processing services and fastener manufacturing are more professional. Of course, our self-developed CNC machining system also allows us more energy to improve our Profile processing, Investment Casting, Forging services, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Lock Cylinder Machining, 3D Printing, and other processing services.

What Is CNC Turning Process? What Is CNC Turning Services?

What is the CNC turning process? In conventional cognition, turning is a form of machining, a material removal process, used to make rotating parts by cutting off unnecessary materials. The turning process requires machining lathes or CNC turning centers, workpieces, fixtures, and tools.

The turning process can be a kind of cutting process. However, if it is classified according to the processing method, the turning process can be at the same level as the turning process. Turning manufactures lathe machine parts by cutting out unwanted materials. The turning process requires a CNC turning center, workpieces, fixtures, and tools, and this turning process is the process of CNC turning services.

What Are CNC Lathe Turning Operation

When it comes to CNC turning operations, there are some. There are many CNC turning operations involved in CNC turning services, such as cutting, hard turning, taper turning, end face, reaming, drilling, and boring. , Grooving, knurling, thread processing, etc., and the CNC turning service factory considers the different labor costs, time costs, and economic costs provided by the customer. There are also quite a lot of combinations, and the above operations can be performed in the CNC Performed on the turning machine and CNC turning center.

What are lathes? What is the difference between machining lathes and lathe centers?

First, let’s take a look at machining lathes, CNC machining lathes are divided into ordinary lathes and CNC lathes. The configuration of ordinary lathes is relatively simple, and the method of use is relatively simple, suitable for novices, and can process single room or small batch parts, and ordinary lathes The whole process of processing requires manual operation.

Then there are CNC machining lathes. Compared with ordinary machining lathes, CNC machining lathes are more intelligent. After the program is set, the machining of CNC parts can be basically completed automatically, and the parts can be processed in large quantities. If you have the ability of CNC machining programming, you Can make your processing more refined.

Finally, lathe centers, compared with machining lathes, lathe centers are a kind of lathe that combines intelligent operation. The scale of lathe centers can be large or small, and when lathe centers are added to milling tools, plus experienced CNC After the machining programming program is set up, it can be turned into a turning-milling composite machining center. Compared with machining lathes, lathe centers have higher machining accuracy, and the machining efficiency is better than lathe centers, so lathe centers are both in production capacity and zero. The machining accuracy of parts is much better than machining lathes.