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CNC Turning Brass Parts – High Precision Damper Parts

Material: Brass H62

This time, we introduce the parts in the toilet damper seat, we call this damper part. In the traditional toilet, the upper cover and seat of the toilet are hinged to the toilet body through hinges. The collision will cause a lot of noise, and the toilet seat or toilet cover will also be damaged. To this end, some manufacturers have designed a toilet cover with a damping mechanism-damper part, a structure of a toilet cover damper with a wide range of applications, stable action, large opening angle, good sealing performance and stable slow down time.

In gravity rack storage, due to the influence of gravity, the goods are accelerated in the inclined storage slideway. If the goods are allowed to move freely, the goods may hit the shelves, which may cause damage to the goods, potential safety hazards for operators, and damage to the overall structure of the shelves. The damper part plays a very important role in it. The damper part in the gravity rack, also known as the reducer, is mainly used to eliminate the gravitational acceleration generated by the goods in the gravity rack, so that the goods can slide down the track smoothly and slowly, eliminating potential safety hazards. Ensure the safety of goods and operators. The damping can be divided into external type and internal type.

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