How to Find A Suitable CNC Machining Manufacturer for CNC Machining of Small and Medium Batch Parts

As we all know, China is currently the world’s CNC machining and manufacturing center, but there are many CNC machining manufacturers, and the level of CNC machining and manufacturing is uneven. The CNC machining manufacturer found by the customer with great effort may be one of the following situations:

  1. Pure Trading Company: The quotation is high, and it promises that any parts can be easily done. The actual final quality status and delivery time are often unsatisfactory.
  2. CNC machining manufacturers with less than 10 machines: low quotation, insufficient CNC machining strength, such as lack of engineering and technical personnel, and lack of CNC machining equipment. CNC machining companies of this scale are only suitable for receiving orders for bulk parts and do not have the ability to produce in batches. If customers send bulk orders to them, they will send the orders to others, which will directly lead to the inability of direct and effective monitoring of product quality and cannot guarantee on-time delivery.
  3. CNC machining manufacturers with more than 200 machines: strong strength, sufficient engineering, and technical personnel, and sufficient CNC machining equipment. However, when the scale of CNC machining manufacturers reaches a certain level, they generally do not choose to make small and medium-sized parts, because their size determines that making large-volume parts is more suitable for their development. Therefore, even if such CNC machining manufacturers accept small-batch orders, they will not mobilize high-quality resources in the factory to complete the orders with high efficiency, high quality, and a high degree of cooperation.
  4. CNC machining manufacturers with 60 to 100 machines: medium-strength, technical personnel, and machinery and equipment meet the necessary conditions for manufacturing small and medium-sized parts. CNC machining suppliers of this scale generally take small and medium-sized orders highly and seriously and can be highly efficient, high-quality completion of small and medium-sized orders.

Manufacturer for CNC Machining of Small and Medium Batch Parts

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So how can customers quickly judge whether CNC machining companies are suitable for them? What specific metrics are there? We can judge by the following criteria.

1. Early Quotation Speed

A quotation is actually a relatively advanced knowledge, especially when a part is made by a variety of processes, it will test the resource integration ability of CNC machining manufacturers. After the customer sends the inquiry information, if they do not get a quotation reply within 24 hours, it can be judged that they are not familiar with some processes or lack resources, resulting in a bottleneck in the quotation. Or they have little intention to accept small batch CNC machining orders and are unwilling to concentrate resources to deal with quotation issues first. From this, we can initially determine that the parts that need to be quoted are not suitable for these CNC machining manufacturers, and we need to turn our attention to other CNC machining manufacturers.

Custom CNC machining parts manufactured by YIJIN Hardware

2. Part Structure and Surface Treatment Manufacturability Evaluation

Judge a CNC machining manufacturer of ability, which rank through the structure and surface treatment of early manufacturability evaluation report can see out, good CNC machining manufacturer will give suggestions in optimizing the structure of the customer, give customer surface treatment optimization suggestions, it does not affect the parts under the condition of structure-function and appearance, help customers to reduce the manufacturing cost, Achieve win-win results for both sides. Of course, there are also prerequisites for this matter. Either the customer and the CNC machining manufacturer have many cooperative relations, or the customer has a certain amount of orders. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, the CNC machining supplier does not have so much energy and willingness to do professional evaluation reports.

3. Understand WhetherCNC Machining Manufacturers Have Done the Same Type of Parts

Through the official website of CNC machining manufacturers to understand the types of parts that they have done in the past, and compare the types of parts that need to be made at present, if the matching degree is high, it means that their CNC machining will have a greater advantage. After all, parts with similar technology have previous experience in processing, which will lead to fewer detours and more accurate cost evaluation.

Manufacturer for CNC Machining of Small and Medium Batch Parts

4. Communicate With Engineers During the Quotation Stage

In the early stage, it is necessary to communicate and interact with the engineers of the CNC machining manufacturers. Only through the interaction with the engineers can we roughly know the level of the engineering capabilities of the processors and make the price more reasonable. Sometimes because the processing requirements are not clear, the CNC machining company quotes the most perfect processing effect when quoting. In fact, the parts do not need such high appearance and precision requirements, so the final price is artificially high, which exceeds the customer’s ability to bear.

5. Understand the Scale of CNC Machining Manufacturers

Through understanding the enterprise-scale of CNC machining manufacturers, preliminary filtering out some inappropriate CNC machining manufacturers(filtering reasons please refer to the beginning of the article), CNC machining manufacturers can not choose the most expensive, nor blindly choose the cheapest, only according to the actual situation, choose the most appropriate.

The above content, is YIJIN Hardware stand in a professional point of view for the need to customize CNC machining parts of the customer, wrote an article to choose CNC machining suppliers, I hope to provide a little help to those in need. Have any questions, please contact us freely.

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