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Aluminum parts machining refers to daily necessities and industrial products obtained through a series of processing and packaging processes with aluminum alloy as the main raw material.

First of all, before we understand the processing of aluminum products, let’s first understand the advantages and characteristics of aluminum.

cnc aluminum parts manufactured by YIJIN hardware

  1. Low Density. The density of aluminum is about 2.7 g/cm³. Its density is less than iron or copper.
  2. High Plasticity. Aluminum with good ductility and various products can be made by pressure processing methods such as extrusion and stretching.
  3. Corrosion Resistance. Aluminum has much better corrosion resistance than steel, which is a highly negatively charged metal. Under natural conditions or anodizing, an oxide protective film will form on the surface of aluminum, which has better corrosion resistance than steel.
  4. Easy to Bend and Form. Pure aluminum can be increased in strength by anodizing.
  5. Easy Surface Treatment. Surface treatments can further enhance or alter the surface properties of aluminum. The aluminum anodizing process is widely used in the machining of aluminum products.
  6. Good Conductivity, easy to recycle.

cnc aluminum parts manufactured by YIJIN hardware

Features of CNC Machined Aluminum Parts

  1. Because the aluminum material is soft, the processing equipment and CNC lathe tool wear are small.
  2. Can be processed into various geometric shapes, such as plane, cavity, shell, sphere, arc, etc.
  3. The CNC Machined Aluminum Parts are easy to maintain and clean.
  4. Treated aluminum parts are resistant to corrosion and will last longer.
  5. Aluminum is environmentally friendly and has a high recycling value.

The above five points are the material characteristics of aluminum products. Aluminum is a common material in CNC processing, because of its lightweight, easy corrosion, and low material cost. It is the preferred material for most parts manufacturers and customers.

cnc aluminum parts manufactured by YIJIN hardware

Process Characteristics of CNC Machined Aluminum Parts

1. There are More Steps for Drilling and Tapping

Communication precision aluminum alloy components need to install various electronic components, so there are many holes in the parts, and drilling and tapping account for a large proportion.

2. The same workpiece needs to be processed with multiple faces and multiple processes, which requires high efficiency.

Aluminum alloy precision components generally have multiple surfaces processed by multiple processes, and some parts need to be processed on all 6 surfaces. When the workpiece is not well arranged, the frequency of repeated assembly and disassembly is high.

3. High material removal rate and high precision requirements

Due to the requirements of miniaturization, lightweight, and high precision of aluminum alloy components, general parts are directly processed from a whole piece of aluminum parts, and the material removal rate is high, and some parts even reach a removal rate of more than 95%. At the same time, there are many shapes such as thin walls and small cylinders, which require very high precision.

cnc aluminum parts manufactured by YIJIN hardware

The Requirement for CNC Machine Tools And CNC Systems for CNC Machined Aluminum Parts
Aiming at the process difficulties such as high cutting removal rate of aluminum alloy complex precision structural parts, easy deformation in thin-walled and deep cavity machining, and complicated processes with frequent clamping of six-sided features.

Numerical control machining technology has changed fundamentally, putting forward new requirements for numerical control machine tools and numerical control systems, numerical control machine tools from the traditional low speed, large torque cutting to high speed, high feed, light load cutting, efficient five-axis linkage direction development.

Therefore, high acceleration (>1G), high-speed and high-precision control, RTCP control of multi-axis virtual axes, full-closed-loop control of synchronous axes (horizontal/vertical), master-slave anti-backlash control, high-power servo drive, high-speed spindle control, etc. have become CNC Required technology for the system.

What Are the Advantages of CNC Aluminum Profile Processing Parts in Batches?

CNC aluminum profile processing is the use of CNC automatic lathes to process and process materials. It is the main processing method for precision parts processing in the manufacturing industry. Because of its fast processing speed, high precision, and convenient processing technology, it is used by most industrial enterprises.

cnc aluminum parts manufactured by YIJIN hardware

The main advantages of a CNC machining center for batch processing of CNC aluminum profile parts are as follows.

  1. The maximum machining accuracy of the CNC machining center can reach ±0.01mm, the size is accurate, and the error is small.
  2. The processing speed is fast, precision parts can be processed in batches, and the fastest one-day delivery.
  3. The processing technology is convenient; the CNC machining center can complete multiple processing at one time, avoiding complex processes such as multiple clamping.
  4. Surface treatment; some precision parts have high requirements for surface finish, and CNC machining centers ensure the finish of the product surface.

Special manual craftsmanship; according to the product use environment, special crafts such as polishing, oxidation, painting, laser engraving, silk screen printing, and powder spraying are used for processing to prolong the service life of the parts.


At present, all walks of life are developing rapidly, the market demand for Precision-Machined Components is also increasing, the shape and structure of products are becoming more and more complex, and aluminum alloy parts are applicable to more and more industries.

Then, quality control has become the first consideration for CNC processing manufacturers. Regarding quality control, YIJIN Hardware does this.

The first is the choice of raw materials

According to the 3D drawings, samples, and requirements provided by customers, Yijin hardware chooses the most suitable aluminum alloy materials for processing. We all know that different materials have different properties, in order to ensure the functionality of parts, our company has a set of strict rules and regulations for the procurement of raw materials, which we follow is to purchase raw materials must 100% meet customer requirements.

The second is a processing technology

When processing aluminum parts for customers, we use the advanced CNC machining center in the machining industry for processing. The aluminum parts processed by numerical control lathe can achieve the purpose of small error, high precision, and fast product forming speed. After the aluminum parts are processed, our technicians will polish and polish them to make the surface of the precision processed aluminum parts shinier, more beautiful, and more corrosion resistant.

Finally, the quality inspection of aluminum products

When our technicians finish the surface treatment of the aluminum parts, they will be handed over to the Quality inspection department of Yijin Hardware for comprehensive quality inspection. We’ll check the size, weight, and appearance of the products. After the quality inspection, the package will be mailed to the customer. Ensure that the products delivered to customers meet requirements and exceed customer expectations.

YIJIN Hardware has been in the machining industry for 20 years. It has nearly 40 advanced CNC machining centers and has cooperated with more than 1,000 companies. It has a professional technical team and a pre-sales and after-sales service system. Provide customers with one-stop processing services.


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