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The main purpose of the stainless steel 304 connector is to link and fix it. This stainless steel 304 connector uses many parts and processing techniques. The CNC milling solution in this issue is made for this stainless steel 304 connector. Yijin Hardware- Strength Custom Stainless steel 304 connector manufacturer, more reasonable CNC milling plans, better CNC milling services

Introduction to Stainless Steel 304 Connectors

Product Name: Stainless Steel 304 Connector

Product Purpose: It is used for connect and fixed

Material: Stainless Steel 304

Application Accessories: Bolts, Studs, Screws, Stainless Steel Nuts

One thing I have to say is that our Yijin Hardware has a really rich background. I don’t think any other stainless steel 304 connector manufacturers can do it. While the CNC machining machines are advanced, the engineers who process CNC components are also experienced. It takes a very short time to decide which CNC milling solution to use. Let’s not talk about this point. In terms of the number of CNC milling solutions, it is unmatched by other stainless steel 304 connector manufacturers. Sometimes the number of CNC milling solutions may not determine anything, but often even CNC milling solutions cannot be formulated. How to make the subsequent work smoothly and efficiently?

Classification of Stainless Steel Parts

1. Bolt: A type of fastener consisting of a head and a screw (cylindrical body with external threads), fitted with a nut, for fastening two parts with through holes. This type of connection is called bolt connection. If the nut is unscrewed from the bolt, the two parts can be separated, so the bolt connection belongs to the detachable connection.

2. Stud: A type of fastener without a head and with only external threads at each end. To connect, one end must be screwed into a part with an internally threaded hole, the other end must be screwed through a part with a through-hole, and then screw on the nut, even if the two parts are firmly connected as a whole. This type of connection is called a stud connection and is also a detachable connection. It is mainly used in situation where the thickness of the connected parts is large and the structure is compact, or the bolt connection is not suitable because of the frequent disassembly.

3. Screw: is also composed of a head and screw two parts of a kind of fasteners, according to the use can be divided into three categories: machine screws, set screws, and special purpose screws. Machine screws are mainly used for the fastening connection between a part with a tight threaded hole and apart with a through-hole, without the need for a nut match (this type of connection is called a screw connection, also belongs to the detachable connection; It can also be used with a nut for a fastening connection between two parts with through holes. Set screws are mainly used to fix the relative position between two parts. Special purpose screws such as hoisting ring screws for hoisting parts.

4. Stainless steel nut: with internally threaded holes, the shape is generally shown as a flat hexagonal column, also has a flat square column or flat cylindrical, with bolts, studs, or machine screws, used for fastening the connection of two parts, so that it becomes a whole.

High-strength self-locking nuts are a category of self-locking nuts with high strength and high reliability. Mainly is the introduction of European technology as the premise, used for road construction machinery, mining machinery, vibration machinery, and equipment, at present, the domestic production of this kind of product manufacturers are very few.

5. The above is the introduction of stainless steel accessories. Stainless steel is a very strong magnetic metal, the sugar content of this metal is relatively high, and this metal is not easy to rust. The accessories made of stainless steel metal are more durable, and the sales price on the market is also relatively high. Stainless steel metal in all walks of life is widely used, stainless steel metal accessories can be used in the field of decoration, can also be used in major projects. Look at the category selection when choosing.

You may be very confused here, why Yijin Hardware introduces these fasteners to you because this stainless steel 304 connector must be used with these fasteners, and other stainless steel 304 connector manufacturers may not tell you this, they know these fasteners are for use with this connector, but most of the stainless steel 304 connector manufacture thinks that since you are customizing this connector, you will probably use it, of course, the one presented here Fasteners are also customized according to the actual situation. Therefore, there is no reason for you to refuse the cooperation with such a perfect stainless Steel 304 Connector Manufacture like Yijin Hardware, isn’t it?

Stainless Steel 304Processing Technic – CNC Milling solution

The processing technology applied to this stainless steel 304 connector is not very many, mainly applied to CNC milling. Before the CNC milling solution we formulated, we tried several CNC milling solutions, which is why we mentioned earlier We will think it is very difficult, but it is not the case, so sometimes you may have a lot of CNC milling solutions. If you choose the right CNC milling solution, you will often get twice the result with half the effort, It even makes processing easier.

The Quantity of Tool: 6 tools

Tool Type: ∅12 butt mill, ∅6 butt mill, ∅4 butt mill, ∅1 butt mill, ∅6 drill bit, R2 ball cutter.

①Use ∅12 butt mill,∅6 butt mill, and ∅4 butt mill machining parts shape, then use R2 ball cutter to machine R1.5, R2.5, and R5 hook face.

②Turn round processing. Use ∅12 butt mill machining parts height 10.6mm,7.1mm and 2.5mm, then use ∅6 butt mill and ∅4 butt mill machining height 1.3mm and another size.

③Use R2 ball cutter machining R1.5 and R2.5 hook face.

④Use ∅12 butt mill,∅6 butt mill, and ∅6 drill bits to machine hole ∅7 and 1.5mm width slot.

Yijin Hardware-created with ingenuity is committed to providing customers with the most complete CNC milling solution, one-stop CNC milling service

Please refer to the finished parts as below:

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