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This machined product is used in the new energy industry, Material is brass H65 and supplied to a new energy company from Germany,
As its high value, German Engineers had visited our factory in Shenzhen, China. who had a discussion with us and wait for our sample proofing.
This product must be milled out of the approximate structure at the CNC, and then finished on a five-axis engraving machine.
The samples are processed by the experienced Engineer in the company.
German customers are very satisfied with the efficiency of our company.
In the process of processing this brass material, we encountered a problem that the bevel is not well carved.
The oblique hole is difficult to drill, Luckily we have experienced engineers and Technicians, and finally, solve many difficulties. Your Content Goes Here.


The Gearbox bottom cover is manufactured by Shenzhen Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd., we cooperate with a subsidiary of General Motors Company, GM (hereinafter referred to as GM). It is used in the accessories of the latest GM car gearbox. The gearbox bottom cover with an outer diameter of 182mm, a width of 126mm, and a height of 53.5mm is large, it’s difficult to machine and requires high precision.

The Drawing screenshot above is the product size details about the gearbox bottom cover that was discussed with GM. Whether GM can accept the precision of the hole after oxidation, the absolute tolerance of the common anode 0.005-0.01mm is not easy to guarantee, the quantity is too small. Oxidation manufacturers will not accept such a small number of products to accurately test oxidize each process. The pre-oxidation treatment will reduce the shape of the whole product in the over-alkaline tank and acid tank, and the hole size will become larger. When passing through the anode tank again, Oxide film thickness will increase. These depend on the ratio of the potion and the soaking time of each process. A subsidiary of General Motors of the United States replies: (There is no need to oxidize and re-finish the hole because it involves secondary clamping, the position cannot be guaranteed, all the tolerance dimensions are after the surface treatment, so the surface should be properly considered the impact on the size of the processing), after repeated communication with the GM company’s engineer. With the efforts of YIJIN hardware engineers and technicians to complete the proofing and mass production of this gearbox bottom cover. In the technical and quality issues, YIJIN insists on using strict standards, meticulousness. Finally won the praise and affirmation of GM and other customers!

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