BRIEF DESCRIPTION In 2017, As the Secondary Supplier, GE Group of the United States sent our company for evaluation and inquiry. Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd. pay main attention to this inquiry. The company’s engineering design and production department carefully studied the drawing and gave it an A very reasonable price. GE Group was very pleased with our timely response and evaluation, followed by a more in-depth discussion and cooperation with this machined parts for the automotive industry, Yijin use five axes linkage production process, the material is aluminium, the surface treatment is anodizing, and the processing difficulty lies [...]


New Energy


BRIEF DESCRIPTION This machined product is used in the new energy industry, Material is brass H65 and supplied to a new energy company from Germany, As its high value, German Engineers had visited our factory to Shenzhen, China. who had a discussion with us and wait for our sample proofing. This product must be milled out of the approximate structure at the CNC, and then finished on a five-axis engraving machine. The samples are processed by the experienced Engineer in the company. German customers are very satisfied with the efficiency of our company. In the process of processing [...]

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