Military Defense


BRIEF DESCRIPTION Belgium is known as the European arsenal. We have export Various CNC machining parts with Black Hard Anodizing parts to Belgium. The first time, the Red Anodizing parts used for Bipod have obvious Color difference. As the material aluminium is not so good and lack of process the Sandblasting. You can place an order ,all the rest can give to Yijin. Raw Material , Production, Surface finish, After sale service all is Under the strictly Quality Control.

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BRIEF DESCRIPTION This 3D drawing was issued by the Russian Admiral Shipyard. This Project is Applied to the navigational ship field, this machining part is not difficult to process from the drawing. However, it’s not easy. As it is used in marine vessels, so the accuracy and finish requirements are particularly high. The accuracy requirement is plus or minus 0.002mm, and the finish requirement is Ra1.0μm. We have used Good Class knives to machine this workpiece to ensure tolerances on precision and finish. After the processing is completed, it is polished to make it look brighter. We are [...]