Product Name:harmonica It is used to side cover for harmonica Material:ebonly Eight common uses of wood in daily life Wood has a variety of uses, has been widely used since ancient times, and has been used to modern civilization. Here are eight common uses of wood.   1.Housing building Wooden home buildings were popular many years ago and are still widely used today. Usually, wood is used in domestic buildings for floors, frames for doors and Windows, etc. There are many types of wood that can be used for this purpose, such as walnut, teak, pine mango fences and decorative gardens, [...]


Valve Body


It’s used to pipeline Material:brass H62 Material specification:∅25×64 Surface treatment:chrome plated   Properties of brass H62 H62 brass represents ordinary brass with an average copper content of 62%,ordinary brass is based on the addition of other elements of copper alloy be called special brass and it is still represented by “H”,followed by the chemical symbol and average composition f other added elements.Such as H62 that the copper content is 60.5%~63.5%,remaining content is zinc.HA59-3-2 indicates that its copper content is 57%~60%,aluminum content about 2.5%~3.5%,nickel content is 2%~3%,and the remaining content is zinc.There are three kinds of brass that are divided into ordinary [...]

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