Product Name:harmonica It is used to side cover for harmonica Material:ebonly Eight common uses of wood in daily life Wood has a variety of uses, has been widely used since ancient times, and has been used to modern civilization. Here are eight common uses of wood.   1.Housing building Wooden home buildings were popular many years ago and are still widely used today. Usually, wood is used in domestic buildings for floors, frames for doors and Windows, etc. There are many types of wood that can be used for this purpose, such as walnut, teak, pine mango fences and decorative gardens, [...]


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Product name:flange It used for foxed connection Material:6061 aluminum Material specification:tube material 210*150*17   Development and application of aluminum alloy pipe Application in aviation and aerospace industry Aluminum alloy is the preferred lightweight material for aircraft and spacecraft, which is widely used in aviation and aerospace industry. In the aerospace industry, aluminum alloy pipes are mainly used as cable protective covers, gasoline and lubricating oil pipelines of aircraft auxiliary fuel tanks, various pull rods and exhaust cylinders, etc. For example, as the casing for cable protection, its alloy is mainly 1035,8A06, etc., the main specifications of the pipe are: 42mmX1mm, ①38mmX1mm, [...]

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