A Complete Guide to CNC Turning


What is CNC Turning and How Does It Work? CNC Turning is a manufacturing process. Metal bars are held and rotated while a tool removes material to create a shape. CNC turning involves holding the workpiece in a horizontally-mounted, adjustable spindle. The piece rotates on a lathe, allowing a  computer-controlled turret with attached tooling to cut the material into a specified shape based on programmed instructions. A center with both turning and milling capabilities can stop rotation to allow for milling out of other shapes. Turning parts on CNC turning centers allows for a wide range of complexities, sizes and material types. The starting [...]

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What Do You Know About CNC Turning, CNC Milling and CNC Machining?


1. Do You Know All the Characteristics of the CNC Turning Parts ? The production of CNC turning parts is by using related tools on a lathe to carry out cutting and grinding of industrial parts. It is a basic and common cutting method with a wide range of applications including the machining of inner and outer surfaces of a cylinder of a cone. Because of faster and faster development of modern technologies, various engineering materials with high strength and high hardness have wider and wider applications. Traditional cutting technologies are not enough any more. The appearance of modern CNC turning makes [...]

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How Many Steps Did You Take to Become a CNC Programmer?


Keywords:CNC,CNC milling, CNC turning,CNC machining   How many steps did you take to become a CNC programmer? Step 1: Must be a good craftsman. CNC machine tools set drilling, milling, boring, reaming, tapping and other processes in one. The technical quality of the craft personnel is very high. Numerical control program is a computer language to reflect the process of processing technology. Craft is the foundation of programming. You can't program if you don't know the craft.   In fact, when we chose the mechanical cutting processing this career, it means that the early industry is hard, dry coarse. A little basic [...]

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Principles for Determining CNC Milling Parameters in Yijin Hardware Factory


Keywords:CNC milling,CNC milling perameters Numerical control programming, the programmer must determine the cutting amount of each process, and in the form of instructions written into the program. Cutting parameters include spindle speed, back knife and feed speed, etc. For different processing methods, different cutting parameters need to be selected. The selection principle of cutting dosage is: ensure the machining accuracy and surface roughness of parts, give full play to the cutting performance of the tool, ensure the reasonable tool durability and give full play to the performance of the machine tool, maximize the productivity, reduce the cost.   (1)Determination of spindle [...]

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Yijin Hardware’s FAQ on the Spiral Groove in CNC Milling


keywords:CNC milling,CNC milling processing 1, what is cylindrical spiral? A: When a moving point moves at an equal velocity along a straight bus on the cylinder, which in turn rotates at an equal angular velocity around the axis of the cylinder, the trajectory of the moving point on the cylinder is called a cylindrical helix.   2, in the CNC milling machine milling spiral groove, the workpiece needs to have what movement? What's the relationship between them? Answer: in the CNC milling machine CNC milling spiral groove, must make the workpiece for constant rotation, at the same time for uniform motion in [...]

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