AR “Maxim” Hardware Accessories


Keywords:AR “Maxim” hardware accessories Recently, Our YIJINHARDWARE helped one of our customers design and customize a product: AR game gun “Maxim”, let’s take a look at the materials first. The following are the hardware accessories designed and produced for AR game gun “Maxim”. The main material is aluminum alloy. The purpose is to facilitate the production and cost control, and the aluminum alloy is relatively light compared with steel while meeting the requirements of rigidity: Production Name:AR toy gun-barrel Material:aluminum alloy Surface treatment:sandblasted and anodized desert yellow It is used for connection and decoration Product name:Ipad suppor Material:aluminum alloy Surface treatment:sandblasted [...]

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What Skills Does the CNC Lathe Have for Thin-Walled Part Machining?


Keywords:CNC lathe processing,CNC Turning parts,CNC Turning Services,Custom CNC Turning We all know that CNC lathe processing thin wall is more difficult, especially the processing of the inner hole, because in the cutting process, thin wall by the role of cutting force, easy to produce deformation.Lead to appear thus ellipse or middle small, two ends big “waist shape” phenomenon.In addition, due to the poor heat dissipation during processing, thin-walled casing is easy to produce thermal deformation, resulting in errors in size and shape.The important problem to be solved is how to reduce the influence of cutting force on the deformation of the workpiece. [...]

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BRIEF DESCRIPTION This is a CNC turning and milling compound called tail tube seat, made of A6061-T6, with anodized red surface and 43mm outer diameter. It is 97mm length. It is a racing motorcycle accessory for the famous Austrian manufacturer KTM. The difficulty of the product is that it has high requirements for the surface treatment color. The color is the Red and dark blue phase which is not common in China. This is particularly demanding for anodizing. The other technical requirement is: ǿ40 is matched with the actual size of the tail pipe. 2- ǿ19+0 -0.009 must [...]