Quotation of the CNC Machining Center – Fair Pricing with Quality Assurance [YIJIN Hardware]


Keywords:CNC machining center,CNC machining center quote,CNC machining price A good operating model of a company is to allow customers to continue to increase orders without ever being assured. The CNC machining center quotation can ensure that it does not lose money, and successively develop a price list that meets the ideals of customers and can quickly understand the corresponding price dynamics of its products. The word "CNC machining price" itself is a very sensitive word, no matter where it is, when we buy things, we are used to asking the price first, and then the quality. This shows the importance of [...]

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AR “Maxim” Hardware Accessories


Keywords:AR “Maxim” hardware accessories Recently, Our YIJINHARDWARE helped one of our customers design and customize a product: AR game gun “Maxim”, let’s take a look at the materials first. The following are the hardware accessories designed and produced for AR game gun “Maxim”. The main material is aluminum alloy. The purpose is to facilitate the production and cost control, and the aluminum alloy is relatively light compared with steel while meeting the requirements of rigidity: Production Name:AR toy gun-barrel Material:aluminum alloy Surface treatment:sandblasted and anodized desert yellow It is used for connection and decoration Product name:Ipad suppor Material:aluminum alloy Surface treatment:sandblasted [...]

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How to Ensure the Precision of CNC Machining Parts?


Keywords:CNC machining parts,How to ensure the accuracy of CNC machining parts? For many non-standard parts processing customers, the most concerned is the machining accuracy of CNC machining parts when selecting suppliers.It is easy to find suppliers for the precision processing industry in Shenzhen, but it is difficult to find the processing points with higher accuracy, and we must be careful.In short, there is a risk to accuracy and careful processing. For machining centers with no standard parts, more tools are usually required.In order to ensure the machining accuracy of CNC machining parts, the replacement sequence of cutting tools should be reasonably [...]

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The Machining Process for One of Our CNC Machining Parts


  Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd. specializes in precision machining and provides OEM ODM services. Mainly serving aviation, electronic products, furniture, military defense, healthcare, automobiles, communications, automobiles, racing, new energy, infrastructure companies. (Such as high-speed rail and bridges.) Yijin is located in Shenzhen, a young city in China. We combine high-quality craftsmanship, excellent knowledge and reasonable prices. We can ensure that the work is completed on time and on budget. We develop excellent standards of cost control professional services for private and commercial customers. The results of 20 years of experience and genuine attention to customer satisfaction are proven. We have our [...]

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The Guide Shaft is Widely Used in the Chemical Industry


Products name: Guide shaft It’s used in machine Material:stainless steel 316L   316L is a brand of stainless steel material,AISI316L corresponds to the United States brand,SUS 316L corresponds to the Japanese brand.China’s standard brand is 022Cr17Ni12Mo2(new standard),the old brand is 00Cr17Ni14Mo2,which indicates that it mainly contains Cr,Ni and Mo. The number indicates the approximate percentage contained. Here’s the video description: Chemical component C :≤0.030 Si:≤1.00 Mn:≤2.00 S :≤0.030 P :≤0.045 Cr:16.00~18.00 Ni:10.00~14.00 Mo:2.00~3.00 Resistance to corrosion: 316L has a wide range of applications in the chemical industry because of its excellent corrosion resistance.It also is a derivative of 18-8 [...]

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What are the parts of CNC machine?


Tip: This article may be long and take some time, but it will be useful and fun.   Hello, everyone. This is Yijin Solution. I’m very glad to have you read our knowledge content.Today we are going to introduce the knowledge points are:What are the parts of CNC machine. Before introducing the parts of CNC machine, let’s first repeat what is a CNC machine.   What is CNC machining? CNC machining is a term commonly used in manufacturing and industrial applications. But exactly what is CNC? And what is a CNC machine? CNC 101: The term CNC stands for ‘computer numerical [...]

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