How Many Steps Did You Take to Become a CNC Programmer?


Keywords:CNC,CNC milling, CNC turning,CNC machining   How many steps did you take to become a CNC programmer? Step 1: Must be a good craftsman. CNC machine tools set drilling, milling, boring, reaming, tapping and other processes in one. The technical quality of the craft personnel is very high. Numerical control program is a computer language to reflect the process of processing technology. Craft is the foundation of programming. You can't program if you don't know the craft.   In fact, when we chose the mechanical cutting processing this career, it means that the early industry is hard, dry coarse. A little basic [...]

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Yijin Hardware Tells You Cutting Speed, Knife Amount, Feed Speed and Three calculation formulas for CNC Machining


Keywords:CNC, CNC machining,CNC machining cutting speed, knife amount, feed speed three calculation formula CNC programming, the programmer must determine the cutting amount of each process, and in the form of instructions written into the program. Cutting parameters include cutting speed, knife back and feed speed, etc. For different processing methods, different cutting parameters need to be selected.   1, The selection principle of cutting parameters Rough machining, generally to improve productivity, but also should consider the economy and processing costs; In semi-finishing and finishing, cutting efficiency, economy and processing cost should be taken into account on the premise of ensuring the [...]

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What is CNC? What is a CNC Machining Center?


Keywords:CNC machining center,CNC Services The full name is “Computer numerical control”,commonly known as “CNC”,automated machined tools are digitally controlled by computer.That is to say,as long as it is controlled by computer numerical automation machine tools can be called CNC.Including CNC turning,machining center,CNC wire-electrode cutting,CNC punch ,CNC laser cutting,etc.Many people mistakenly think that CNC is CNC machining center,the answer is not accurate, CNC turning machining(Mainly processing cylindrical parts) CNC machining center(Mainly processing mold,plane and curved types parts) CNC laser cutting machine(Mainly processing metal sheet) CNC wire-electrode cutting(To cut various conductive materials by discharging copper wires) Through the tool cutting blanks processed into semi-finished [...]

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Valve Body


It’s used to pipeline Material:brass H62 Material specification:∅25×64 Surface treatment:chrome plated   Properties of brass H62 H62 brass represents ordinary brass with an average copper content of 62%,ordinary brass is based on the addition of other elements of copper alloy be called special brass and it is still represented by “H”,followed by the chemical symbol and average composition f other added elements.Such as H62 that the copper content is 60.5%~63.5%,remaining content is zinc.HA59-3-2 indicates that its copper content is 57%~60%,aluminum content about 2.5%~3.5%,nickel content is 2%~3%,and the remaining content is zinc.There are three kinds of brass that are divided into ordinary [...]

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What is CNC machining center?


Keywords:CNC Machining center,CNCmachining The translation of cnc is called computer numerical control. Abbreviated as CNC in English. The automatic machine tool is digitally controlled by a computer. CNC includes CNC lathes, machining centers, CNC wire cutting, CNC punching machines, CNC laser cutting machines, etc. Many people mistakenly think that CNC is a CNC machining center, but this is actually wrong. So what is a cnc machining center?   The CNC machining center is a CNC boring and milling machine that integrates the functions of a CNC milling machine, a CNC boring machine, and a CNC drilling machine. It is equipped with [...]

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