Military Defense


BRIEF DESCRIPTION Belgium is known as the European arsenal. We have export Various CNC machining parts with Black Hard Anodizing parts to Belgium. The first time, the Red Anodizing parts used for Bipod have obvious Color difference. As the material aluminium is not so good and lack of process the Sandblasting. You can place an order ,all the rest can give to Yijin. Raw Material , Production, Surface finish, After sale service all is Under the strictly Quality Control.

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Health Care


BRIEF DESCRIPTION This Machined parts for medical devices, made of Teflon. Teflon, a polymer compound made from tetrafluoroethylene, commonly referred to as “non-stick coating” or “easy cleaning material” It is a synthetic polymer material that uses fluorine to replace all hydrogen atoms in polyethene. This material is resistant to acids and bases and to various organic solvents and is almost insoluble in all solvents. Therefore, it is used in many medical equipment industries. This material is not easy to process. There are many burrs and dander in the process, so the processing time is long. Our company grows [...]

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