Project Description

Stainless Steel Eye Bolts Introduction

Today, this stainless steel eye bolts is custom manufactured for an American sports equipment company. Stainless Steel Eye Bolt is also called Eye-bolt. It is called different in each country, but the things are almost the same. It’s called different in every country, but the essence of things is the same. Yijin hardware is expert in the production and manufacturing of stainless steel eye bolts. Yijin Hardware as an Eye Bolts Supplier, with a perfect quality system and rich experience in the stainless steel eye bolts,and leading other peers in the world.  As a well-known supplier of eye bolts in the word, that our reputation and quality have been well received. Eye bolt screw, also known as Stainless Steel Eye Bolts , Eye bolts nails, Eye bolts screws, etc., is widely used in decorations, toys, craft gifts, all kinds of wooden handle hanging accessories, is also one of the common hardware accessories for architectural decoration.

Machining Process

The stainless steel eye bolt is forged as a whole, and normalized and descaled; Forging/forgeable piece without over-burning, crack defects; The hardness test of stainless steel eye bolt is HRB67~95. The grade strength of stainless steel eye bolts produced by Yijin Hardware eye bolts suppliers is 12.9. Stainless steel eye bolt must be installed vertically on the workpiece plane, and the joint surface must be flat and tight. It must be adjusted to the stretching direction to avoid contact between screws and sharp objects. Through the test, the load of the  stainless steel eye bolts is 2.5 times of the working load, and 20,000 fatigue tests are conducted under 1.5 times of the working load.  Stainless steel eye bolts shall meet or exceed ASME B30.26 requirements. Our Stainless steel eye bolts are made of alloy steel which reference to the German RUD WBG type, which are exported to Europe and America in large quantities and have passed the local G80 standard inspection.

We adopt better material, higher tension than existing domestic Stainless steel eye bolts , and provide tensile test report. The Eye bolt screws should be operated by professionals, and please refer to the instructions. When connecting with the spreader, the connecting part of the spreader and the Stainless steel eye bolts should rotate freely, and regular safety testing should be conducted by professionals. Stainless steel eye bolts  maximum working load up to 30T, and can be custom inch thread. This kind of Stainless steel eye bolts adopt surface plating blue zinc treatment.

Blue Zinc Knowledge Expansion

The difference between blue zinc-plated and blue white zinc-plated:

Appearance and colour: Blue zinc-plated is blue, blue white zinc-plated is silver.

Corrosion resistance: The corrosion resistance of blue zinc plated is greater than that of blue white zinc plated.

Blue white zinc plating is electric galvanizing, electric galvanizing was originally white, being blue after blue plating, which is called blue white zinc plating. Compared with other metals, it is a kind of relatively cheap and easy to plating metal, and it is a low value corrosion resistance electroplating, which is widely used to protect steel parts, especially to prevent atmospheric corrosion, and used for decoration. 

Prevent iron from rusting, can be plated on the surface of the iron with a thin layer of zinc, according to the requirements can be blue and white zinc, can also be black zinc, color zinc, etc., this is based on the principle of electric conductor in the solution will absorb the atoms in the solution. Color galvanized passivation film is used for industrial parts, colorless galvanized passivation film is used in daily hardware, building hardware and other products requiring white even surface. The color depth of galvanized passivation film is also related to the thickness of the film layer. And the film thickness is related to the passivation time or the length of time in the air. In lowchrome and ultra low chromium passivation solution, passivation film is formed in solution, and if passivation time is long, the film is thick, and  vice versa, if passivation time is short, the film is thin.

High quality passivation film should be complete with bright colours. The reddish-brown film layer is relatively loose, and the binding force with zinc layer is not good enough; Green passivation film may have a thin film layer, which may affect corrosion resistance. Therefore, we can judge the quality of passivated film from the appearance of passivated film, binding force with zinc layer, integrity of film, brightness and color of film layer.

Stainless Steel Eye bolts’ Application Scope

YIJIN Hardware Custom Fastener

Stainless steel eye bolts are widely used in ports, electricity, steel, shipbuilding, petrochemical, mining, railway, building, metallurgy, Chemical Metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, plastics machinery, industrial control, roads, sports equipment, bulk transportation, pipe installing, tunnel, shaft protective slope, salvage, Marine engineering, airport construction, Bridges, aviation, spaceflight, venues and other important industries as well Machinery and equipment for infrastructure projects.

Yijin hardware custom Stainless steel eye bolts and special bolts with technical strength and technical combination of solutions, to provide support to customers all over the world!  Yijin hardware manufactures customized special bolts and nuts with good durability, high strength and good tensile fatigue life. We have customized bolts and nuts for many well-known enterprises around the world. Yijin Hardware is a trustworthy and reliable supplier of customized bolts.